The SOC of the Future [Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Enterprise Security, Splunk User Behavior Analytics]

12.23.2019 - By Splunk [AI/ML, Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit] 2019 .conf Videos w/ Slides

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This presentation will discuss how Security Operation Centers (SOCs) will need to change to meet the cybersecurity challenges of the 2020s. The speaker will draw on his experience as a founder of the first SOC-as-a-Service company that delivers managed security services using Splunk. Most industry analysts envision that the next generation of SOCs will leverage AI, Big Data, and the Cloud, but how far can automation take us and is the concept of an autonomous SOC really practical? How will the SOC of the Future address the global shortage of cyber professionals? How will the role of security analysts need to change? Will the SOC of the Future still need to be housed in dedicated physical facilities? The speaker will provide a blueprint of Proficio’s vision of the SOC of the Future using Splunk and provide a playbook for IT leaders and aspiring IT leaders on how to drive continuous improvement in productivity and measurable outcomes.

Brad Taylor, Proficio

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