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By Sunny Lenarduzzi

What's The Sunny Show about?

The Sunny Show - for the bright side of being your own boss and building your own life! Hosted by Sunny Lenarduzzi, an entrepreneur, former broadcaster and award-winning marketer, this podcast delivers actionable strategies and advice on topics from growing your brand, building a successful YouTube channel, finding your true purpose, and beyond. Forbes named The Sunny Show a must watch YouTube channel that will change your business and Entrepreneur named it one of the top 10 channels every entrepreneur should follow and now it's available in podcast format. Want to check out the highly entertaining video versions of these episodes, submit a topic or ask a question? Go to

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#126: #1 Thing Millionaires...


If you feel defeated or frustrated or lost in your business journey, my goal is to put everything into perspective with this episode. I always say that entrepreneurship is like a never ending roller coaster. Even when things are growing ...

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