Episode 18 - The True Story of Food Addiction: Your Own Will Power Won’t Move the Needle Here - Kathy Strahan

05.11.2016 - By Givercise™ Shorts |Inspired Storytelling|Christian Inspirational Fitness, Health, & Lifestyle Short Stories

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In this episode, our storyteller is Kathy Strahan. As a totally blind person (since age two), she naturally inspires people. Inspire them just by being her. She sees herself as a regular person who finds that blindness for her is the least of her life’s challenges. For most people, her attitude about her blindness is surprising and inspirational. Especially when they observe that she has a regular life. She is Married to a sighted guy. Running their household. Teaching others about preparing healthy meals, making healthy lifestyle choices, ditching the standard American diet and learning how to optimize their nutrition etc. One of her favorite scriptures is: Philippians 1:21 “For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain” Even as a small child she’s always been someone who encourages others to be the best they can. What she teaches her subscribers is that healthy living is a journey. There is no need to make massive changes all at once. Go one small step at a time. She encourages her readers to go within and see what changes make sense right now.  She has found that the first step that will give the biggest bang and major bounce to better health is to “dump the junk”.  Dump anything that comes packaged from one of the major food manufacturers. If the item has more than 3 ingredients that you cannot pronounce and you have never heard of then it likely is not good for your health.  Then the next step is figure out what to replace the junk with.  Her book has lots of good ideas for how to prepare healthy meals that taste good, cost less, and that will help you fast-track your body to health and vitality. For more information on this episode, please visit www.giverciseshorts.com

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