Episode 172 | "The Van Guard"

08.01.2018 - By The Joe Budden Podcast

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On this episode, Joe, Rory and Mal return and begin with recapping their week off. They also discuss new music from Travis Scott, DJ Khaled, H.E.R, YG and more (14:55). Although the guys don’t agree with all of 6ix9ine’s tactics it appears he’s changing his image and Joe reveals why he has become likable (53:50). The guys also catch up on things that happened while being away, Joe gives R. Kelly the lifetime Nasty Award (2:24:46), Demi Lovato (2:18:58), and Tristian Thompson Slapping Draymond Green (2:27:27). The wait is over, enjoy!

Other topics include:
People dissing Funk Flex (33:50)
LeBron surpasses Michael Jordan (44:40)
50 Cent vs Floyd Mayweather (1:16:39)
Kendrick Lamar’s acting debut on Power (1:31:44)

Sleeper Picks of the Week

K. Roosevelt - “Feelings Don’t Change” | https://youtu.be/gO5M-Ee3VbA
Kalin White - “More Than Just a F*ck” | https://youtu.be/7xvCvJ1bI3M

Noochie - “Spilling Feelings” | https://youtu.be/DCGT6clKYyc

Jayla Darden - “Between Us” | https://soundcloud.com/jayladarden/id

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