There is no Try

02.01.2021 - By Martial Arts & Crafts

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It recently hit me just how wise some old Jedi master from a long time ago really was. I was talking to my son about his goals and how best to achieve them. When he said he would "try" changing his behavior, I knew in that moment how much of a trap "try" can be. Because I've been caught in it, myself. When I change my language, I change my attitude; when I change my attitude, I change my behavior; when I change my behavior, I change my life. It's as simple and as difficult as that. Trigger warning: I do talk about choices having to do with childbirth and breastfeeding in this episode. My observations are based on my experience, and my intention is to offer an example in support of my opinion around the language we choose to use in different life situations. I hope you hear no judgment, because I trust you to make your own decisions in your life based on your own knowledge, support and circumstances. The point is to get curious about how our language shapes our thoughts, feelings and commitment to what we say or think we really want.
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