Through the Virtual Looking Glass (An Episode of This Time Tomorrow)

12.05.2019 - By Sleepwalkers

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Today's bonus episode is a sneak peek of a brand new podcast called This Time Tomorrow, all about the future of 5G technology.
For years the promise of VR -- virtual reality -- has been the lore of science fiction. Today’s consumer and business applications have just begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible when it comes to exploring virtual worlds through connected devices. 5G advancements in wireless networks will take these worlds to the next level and that much closer to truly feeling real. In this episode, we hear from Evelyn Miralles, the former head of VR at NASA; Jeff Marshall, the founder of Ovation, a business built around VR-based public speaking training; and Daniel (Danny Mac) Mcylntire, the Director of Community Corrections for Pennsylvania where he has developed an innovative VR program to help inmates prior to release.
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