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What's Time To Rise & Thrive with Jackie Mott about?

LIVE FRIDAYS 1 PM ET/12CT/11 am MT/10PT What do you tell yourself when you’re NOT listening? We all have a “Subliminal Soundtrack” that plays in the back of our minds all day, every day. It contains all of the information we’ve collected in our lives, all of the conditioning, “truths”, and beliefs that affect our thought processes and the decisions we make every day. If your soundtrack is full of positive, supportive beliefs about yourself, you likely feel good about yourself and make decisions that support that way of being. But what if your soundtrack tells you that you’re not worthy? That you’re not smart, beautiful, strong, capable…? If you find yourself wondering why life is so hard, why you’re not happy, why your relationships don’t work, why you never seem to get what you desire, your soundtrack may be full of limiting and unsupportive beliefs. Join Jackie Mott on “Time to Rise & Thrive” as she talks about re-programming your Subliminal Soundtrack and shifting your thinking so you can get off auto-pilot and start to create a life filled with joy, laughter, and abundance. [email protected]     https://jackiemott.com/

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Transformation, Uplevelling...


Time to Rise & Thrive with Jackie Mott Have you ever heard of “Uplevelling”? Uplevelling is a stage in our transformation that can be very challenging. Kind of like teething or growing pains when our body is young and growing, ...

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