04.02.2021 - By Weird Darkness: Stories of the Paranormal, Supernatural, Legends, Lore, Mysterious, Macabre, Unsolved

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Do you like the thumbnail? You can get it on merchandise - available now in the Weird Darkness store at https://weirddarkness.com/store! “TIME-TRAVELING BROTHERS OF THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT” and More True Stories! #WeirdDarknessPlease SHARE Weird Darkness with someone who loves paranormal stories, true crime, monsters, or unsolved mysteries like you do! Recommending the show to others helps make it possible for me to keep doing the show!IN THIS EPISODE: While it may look picturesque during the day, worthy of a post card, the town of Pluckley in Kent, UK is known as a place where you will often hear something go bump in the night. (Paranormal Pluckley) *** It is one of the most controversial cases of Chilean ufology. Beings that would have announced earthquakes, natural disasters and the fall of the Challenger. For more than two decades there has been speculation about the existence of the famous Friendship Island, however until now there is still no certainty of its possible location, nor of the truthfulness of the contacts with the extraterrestrial inhabitants of that island. (Extraterrestrials In Chile) *** Allegedly, in the fall of 1943 a U.S. Navy destroyer was made invisible and teleported from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Norfolk, Virginia, in an incident known as the Philadelphia Experiment. Records in the Archives Branch of the Naval History and Heritage Command have been repeatedly searched, but no documents have been located which confirm the event, or any interest by the Navy in attempting such an achievement. But then, those who came to this conclusion probably didn’t interview Duncan Cameron and Al Bielek. They were onboard the ship when it happened. The two sides of the Philadelphia Experiment. (Time Traveling Brothers)SOURCES AND ESSENTIAL WEB LINKS…“The Philadelphia Experiment Hoax?” by Shannon Corbeil for Military.com: https://weirddarkness.tiny.us/3ztxcv9s “Time Traveling Brothers” by Ian Matthews for Honest To Paws: https://weirddarkness.tiny.us/45w6w6ft “Extraterrestrials In Chile” posted at Infinity Explorers: https://weirddarkness.tiny.us/3wuc5tm2 “Paranormal Pluckley” by Sean Doherty, Lauren MacDougall, and Will Rider for Kent Live: https://weirddarkness.tiny.us/n62r3mvb, https://weirddarkness.tiny.us/ntze8vx, https://weirddarkness.tiny.us/kekb9rek Become a Patron: https://WeirdDarkness.com/PatronWeird Darkness theme by Alibi Music Library. Background music, varying by episode, provided by Alibi Music, EpidemicSound and/or AudioBlocks with paid license. Music from Shadows Symphony: https://tinyurl.com/yyrv987t, Midnight Syndicate: http://amzn.to/2BYCoXZ, Kevin MacLeod: https://tinyurl.com/y2v7fgbu, Tony Longworth: https://tinyurl.com/y2nhnbt7, and/or Nicolas Gasparini/Myuu: https://tinyurl.com/lnqpfs8 is used with permission. 

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