TNW 175: A Troubling SMS Hack - YouTube Shorts, Amazon's "Gamified" Warehouse Work, SMS Forwarding Attack

03.18.2021 - By Tech News Weekly (Video)

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YouTube Shorts, Amazon's "Gamified" Warehouse Work, SMS Forwarding Attack.
YouTube takes on TikTok with YouTube Shorts. Amazon expands its program to "gamify" warehouse work. A hacker exploits a gaping flaw in SMS messaging.
First, YouTuber Rene Ritchie stops in to explain a new beta feature on YouTube called YouTube shorts. The feature is reminiscent of short, "snackable" video from TikTok.
Then, The Information's Paris Martineau discusses Amazon's FC Games program, a way for Amazon warehouse workers to "gamify" their work by earning rewards and competing against one another for virtual prizes.
Lastly, Mikah shares a troubling piece from Vice's Joseph Cox about a flaw in SMS messaging that could result in all of your text messages being forwarded to another number — entirely without your knowledge. Ant talks about Samsung's decision to forego a Galaxy Note launch for 2021.
Hosts: Mikah Sargent and Ant Pruitt
Guests: Rene Ritchie and Paris Martineau
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