TNW 185: An Accessible Return to Work - Office Accessibility, Galaxy Upcycling, Facebook Misinfo, WFH Insights

05.27.2021 - By Tech News Weekly (Video)

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As folks around the world plan their return to the office, advocates are pushing for a sustained — and improved — focus on accessibility. Samsung's Galaxy Upcycling program seemed promising, but the company kind of ruined what was once a great idea. Facebook announced it would start limiting individual accounts that routinely spread misinformation. A study looking at the activity of those who work from home indicates folks are getting a lot more done during their 9 to 5 than just their 9 to 5.
First, Abrar Al-Heeti of CNET stops by to talk about her enlightening piece regarding accessibility and the pandemic. While some aspects of digital accessibility have improved, advocates are asking for the focus to continue as folks begin to return to the office.
Then, Kevin Purdy of discusses Samsung's Galaxy Upcycling Program, a way for folks to use their old Galaxy devices in new ways. Despite it sounding like a great idea, Samsung kind of ruined it.
Then, Mikah shares a story about Facebook limiting the reach of personal accounts that spread misinformation on the social network.
Lastly, Jason talks about a new study that reveals some of the things folks are doing during the workday — including napping, shopping, having sex, and dating. But if they're getting their work done, is it all that bad?
Hosts: Jason Howell and Mikah Sargent
Guests: Abrar Al-Heeti and Kevin Purdy
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