Episode 9 - Top 5 Favourite Shakespearean Characters

08.27.2019 - By The Bicks Do...Shakespeare

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This episode we decided to get a little personal. Rather than try to take an objective look at the characters in Shakespeare's canon, we just picked out our favourites. The ones that stand out for us after years of study, or maybe just a single performance. Forgoing any rational reasoning, we have picked out our most memorable characters, and then post-hoc tried to defend our choices to one another. Along the way we chose a select quote that we thought best summed up each character, and we even picked out a few honourable mentions, as any good listicle does.
Next episode we will be returning with the last part of Henry VI, who sadly (Spoiler Alert!) did not make our list of top characters. So join us again next time as we near the conclusion of the Wars of the Roses!

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