TPP 291: What is Dyslcalculia? Laura Jackson on Her Family's Journey With a Math Disability

04.26.2022 - By TILT Parenting: Raising Differently Wired Kids

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What is dyscalculia? If you’re wondering if your child has this often misunderstood math disability, this episode is for you. My guest is Laura Jackson, a mom, writer, and advocate who helps families struggling with dyscalculia move from confusion and overwhelm to understanding and connection. Laura’s passion is to provide advocacy, coaching, and encouragement for overwhelmed parents and discouraged children who feel alone in their journey with dyscalculia.
In this conversation, Laura shares insights from her new book, Discovering Dyscalculia: One Family’s Journey with a Math Disability, which was inspired by her own family’s journey of getting her daughter’s diagnosis, how they navigated working with the school, and finding strategies that work for her beyond her education. Laura also shared many, many strategies and resources for parents who want to learn more about dyscalculia and the early signs that they can look out for if they suspect their child might be struggling with it.

Things you’ll learn from this episode

What the early signs of dyscalculia are that parents can look out for

How Laura navigated the journey of getting her daughter evaluated at school and what she did to help educate the special ed department about dyscalculia

Why some schools avoid suggesting an evaluation to parents but instead wait for parents to ask for their child to be evaluated

Laura’s favorite researchers and resources on dyscalculia

Examples of the adjustments Laura made at home to accommodate her daughter

Resources mentioned for discovering dyscalculia

Laura Jackson’s website

Discovering Dyscalculia: One Family’s Journey with a Math Disability by Laura Jackson

Laura’s online class for parents: Your Dyscalculia Adventure

Download a free chapter of Discovering Dyscalculia

Ronit Bird, Dyscalculia Specialist

Ronit Bird’s YouTube channel

Dr. Schreuder / Dyscalculia Services

The Dyscalculia Network

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