TQP #45 - Embroidery ITH

04.13.2014 - By TheQuiltingPot

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Enjoying the sun!!! UFO Challenge  Daisy's PromoPostage Stamp Swap  Correction of Host name; Tina not Darla  7 sets of 50 pairs by  ease of equal cutting  almost same fabrics for allBoxy Stars  sashing and corner stonesHexie Progress  slow and steadyITH Embroidery  Key Fobs - ok for tokens of thanks    not for salestill working on techniqueThe Littlest Thistle FAL  Quarter #2 linky  Pictures can be seen at "thequiltingpot.com"Current listening pleasure  Book #3 - Voyager by Diana Galbadon*Please excuse the "lip smacking" during parts of the podcast. I will work on that little annoying habit.Until next time........

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