Tracking Your Stats is the Best Tool to Lower Your Golf Scores with Josh Zander

05.05.2020 - By GOLF SMARTER

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739: Josh Zander of returns to cover a variety of golf topics including which stats to keep track of to identify your strengths and weaknesses, his all new ZanderGolf app for iOS & Android, and his 11yr old son who stars on many of the videos from the app and his YouTube channel. WIN A NEW CUSTOMIZED 257+ HYBRID from KNUTH GOLF! Deadline to win is Sunday, May 10 at Midnight PDT/3a EDT. Enter at Listen for details. We’ve added a second prize for our next giveaway! Next winner will receive 2 prizes!! We’ve added the Golf Cradle to keep your clubs from banging around in your trunk. Save 25% on any 257+ Hybrid, Fairway Metal, or Drive you purchase from Knuth Golf ! Save $5 on a purchase of Golf Cradle with code “GOLFSMARTER” (make sure you use all caps)This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans, Scott Minni, author of Smash & Carve Golf joins us from Canada for and episode called “The Art of Ball Striking and Shot Making”. The book is available as a PDF at Golf Smarter Mulligans is free and available each Friday wherever you get your favorite podcasts.This episode of Golf Smarter is brought to you by CryoFreeze Pain Relief Roll-on. If you’re looking to relieve your muscle and joint pain within 15 minutes and need a natural, yet powerful solution that is tested & works, try CryoFreeze Pain Relief Roll-On.Go to and enter code GOLFSMARTER to get 20% off CryoFreeze and sitewide! Don’t let muscle soreness continue to be another excuse why you’re not playing well.  Go to and feel relief faster!

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