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11.12.2020 - By The Elephant in the Room

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Hey Everyone, Welcome to The Elephant in The Room Podcast, with me Sudha Singh
If you don’t already know the term, (according to Wikipedia) it is often used to describe an issue that involves a social https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taboo (taboo) or which generates disagreement, such as race, religion, politics, homosexuality, or mental illness. It is applicable when a subject is emotionally charged; and the people who might have spoken up decide that it is probably best avoided. So, I am here to acknowledge and talk about the Elephant in the Room, which may mean different things to different people. My attempt will be to curate a safe space to have uncomfortable conversations about the pervasive inequalities in society and our workplaces.
Two years ago I decided to ‘opt out’ to find my own purpose and focus on passion projects including learning about the systemic biases that are endemic in business and society. The Podcast is my very own listening project, a step towards being more intentional in my learning.
The idea of The Elephant in the Room podcast was born from my sense of conflict about identity, self and the concept of privilege. It emerged from a need to understand how socio/cultural norms and intersectionality create additional burdens for people, but especially so, for the marginalised and excluded. This was fuelled to a certain extent by my own journey as a mother to three adult children, as a women over 50, a first generation British Indian, an economic migrant, a minority, a carer and a professional.
The purpose of the podcast is to amplify the voices of diverse people on a range of topics including systemic and institutionalised racism, casteism, discrimination based on further eight protected characteristics, poverty, mental health, climate change, anything that is a taboo and deserves to be mainstream(including culture). I believe silence and ignorance are no longer an option.
The Elephant in the Room Podcast is for people who want to be a part of the change, for those who want to step up and speak out, for those who want to learn more about biases, barriers and best practice, for those who want a better tomorrow, for business leaders and for individuals. As we embark on this journey of learning my promise is that we will engage on these issues with respect, empathy and seriousness. And for you the listener I hope to share stories like your own, stories that you may have never thought to tell and keep the conversations alive by raising the decibel on issues of inequity and inequality in our search for a fairer and more inclusive world.
There is an exciting line up of speakers on the Podcast including feminists, authors, LGBTQ Activists, DiversityandInclusion experts, leaders and people with incredible life experiences. So if you like what you have heard so far do subscribe to my podcast and I look forward to meeting you next Thursday. Thank you for listening.

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