Trump's Power Trip; Impeachment Limbo; Airstrike Story Switches; New CNN Iowa Polling; Bloomberg's 2020 Bet

01.12.2020 - By SE Cupp Unfiltered

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will finally send the impeachment articles to the Senate next week to kick off the trial in the Senate. There's been little evidence so far that Trump has felt chastened at all by his own impeachment. In fact, he might even be emboldened... example 2: the Soleimani strike & the subsequent spin. Will an impeachment trial & a War Powers resolution do anything to constrain Trump? Sen. Bob Casey joins SE to discuss. Is Iran a rational actor? It's a decades-old question. But here's a new one: is POTUS? CNN polling shows there is no clear frontrunner in the 2020 race, weeks before the first votes are cast. It's been over 300 days since the White House press secretary gave an official press briefing. Mike Bloomberg is using his deep pockets to make up for lost time-how will that sit with Democrats?

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