TSR 021 Building and Cruising a Wharram 38 Catamaran with The Gleda Project

04.28.2016 - By The Sailing Rode

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In this episode, we talk with Neil Hawkesford from The Gleda
Project about building his Wharram 38 catamaran and beginning his
cruising life.  We have some sailing news.  And our
featured product will help you remove that corrosive salt residue
from your boat and trailer.
Intro News

We had a great weekend at the Tortuga Music
Festival on
Ft. Lauderdale Beach.
More videos soon on our YouTube
We got good news on our boat trailer repair and it looks like
our brakes will last another season!  Probably thanks to our
featured product this week, Salt Away.
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Rode Facebook page to keep up with our latest cruising plans,
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We are going to the America's Cup Races June
10-12 in Chicago!  Let us know if you plan to go.

The Interview - Neil Hawkesford - The Gleda

Get a copy of Neil's book A
Foolish Voyage here.  It is a fantastic read.  Neil
tells the story of sailing the south coast of the UK in an 18 foot
sailboat.   You really feel that you are along for the
ride.  It will make you want to go back to your early 2o's and
go on a big adventure!


Go to Neil's web site The
Gleda Project to see all the details of him building his
Wharram 38 catamaran and his current cruising blog.  
Neil's catamaran build took eight years. In the interview, Neil
speaks about not just building a boat, but building his future
For a female perspective on Gleda's adventures, go to his
partner Gail's blog Landgirl

Sailing News

Tiny Boat Drones help Map Shallow Sea Floor

Three Men Rescued from Remote Pacific Island after Plane Sees Help
Sign on Beach
Modern Viking
Ship Crossing Atlantic
Kon Tiki II
Voyager Rescued off of Brazil

Product of the Week

Salt-Away - salt residue remover and motor flush
We use this product after every trip in salt water and it keeps
our boat, motor and trailer running and looking like new!
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–  Steve & Brandy

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