TTT Episode 117: Liberalism and Retrieval Practice

08.07.2020 - By Teachers Talking Teaching

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This flexible reporting period; we check in with Pete (@mr_van_w) who has been diligently implementing the teaching strategies discussed from previous podcasts. We discuss the efficacy of vertical non-permanent surfaces as compared to horizontal non-permanent surfaces. Pete expresses solidarity with the Police Force in their justifiably heavy handed dealing with Sovereign Citizens.  He continues to scoff at the treatment of these terrorist kooks, and unilaterally supports Officers of the Law and those who are here to protect us. Completely, devoid of the predjudice. John (@jfcatto) reminds citizens to comply to law enforcement whilst still confirming their status.  John (@jfcatto) continues to discuss retrieval practice and how it could be implemented in a learning environment.  Slow chat: If you could build a learner profile that was used for admission to further education. What would it include? How would it out-compete the ATAR. Remember: In every police interaction with state or federal police; confirm "Am I being detained?"   CogSciSci: Retrieval Practice in the Classroom   How not to screw up retrieval practice - Adam Boxer

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