"Tunnel of Death"

06.02.2017 - By Dirty Tackle

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This week's episode includes discussion on the Champions League Final in luxurious (?!) Cardiff, transfer rumors, and pornstar footballers. Are Real Madrid coffins a real thing? Is Jimmy Bullard still alive? Did Ryan like Francesco Totti's farewell more than John Terry's? What about Arsene Wenger's new contract? All that and more, brought to you by the Huddersfield Tourism Board! To hear an extended version of the show with a bonus "extra time" segment, contribute at patreon.com/dirtytackle! Contact us at: [email protected], and find us on social media at: @dirtytackle, @brooksdt, @ryanjaybailey, @theomessidt, instagram.com/dirtytackle & facebook.com/dirtytackle.

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