TWiT 836: Brian's OS - IBM's PC turns 40, Senate plan to open Apple's App Store, where Countach got its name

08.15.2021 - By This Week in Tech (Video)

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IBM's PC turns 40, Senate plan to open Apple's App Store, where Countach got its name
Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 unveiled: This wedge is a hybrid.
"Blue" hydrogen is worse for the climate than coal, study says.
The real reason everyone hates Apple's child porn idea (it has nothing to do with privacy).
Apple and Google Are Gearing Up to Fight a New App Store Bill.
TikTok overtakes Facebook as world's most downloaded app.
Beige Against the Machine: The IBM PC turns 40 August 12.
Nvidia Reveals Its CEO Was Computer Generated in Keynote Speech.
The Ethics of a Deepfake Anthony Bourdain Voice.
On the banality of our deepfake future.
Nikola founder charged with securities fraud over allegedly fake truck demo.
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Announced With S Pen Support and Water Resistance.
Xiaomi announces Mix 4 with under-display camera.
Huawei Accused in Suit of Installing Data' Back Door' in Pakistan Project.
T-Mobile Investigating Claims of Massive Customer Data Breach.
Excerpt: How Google bought Android—according to folks in the room.
YouTube, Google Launch New Protections for Kids Under 18.
How YouTube's Crackdown on Unboxing Videos Could Play Out.
Pay cut: Google employees who work from home could lose money.
Old-fashioned business travel is dead (but don't blame the pandemic).
Aston Martin's 217 mph convertible.
Bugatti's 1,500 hp Bolide.

Host: Leo Laporte
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