TWiT 754: I Dream of Wiki

01.19.2020 - By This Week in Tech (Audio)

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This Week's Stories: Mojo Vision: Augmented Reality contact lenses The face recognition company that will end privacy FBI vs Apple 2: Pensacola Boogaloo NOBUS: why the NSA's "NObody But US" theory of exploits fail Cable Haunt: critical vulnerability in many cable modems Apple and Google are cracking down on location privacy, and ad tech companies are unhappy Don't worry about your kids' phone use so much Google will kill 3rd-party cookies by 2022 Verizon's "private" search engine The EU is not asking Apple to kill the lightning plug Our secret shame: the box of cords in our garage Digital hoarding: iTunes vs Gmail Amazon wants you to pay with a wave of your hand Sim swapping attacks: hacking customer service Joe Biden wants to repeal Section 230. This is dangerous. Sonos, Tile, and Pop Sockets testify against Google, Apple, and Amazon in Congress
Host: Leo Laporte
Guests: Georgia Dow, Sam Abuelsamid, and Patrick Norton
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