Two journalists just revealed how they helped expose the Trump Russia affair

11.21.2018 - By The Dworkin Report

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Producer Grant Stern interviews Miami Book Fair presenters and co-authors David Corn and Michael Isikoff, about their book Russian Roulette and their role as two of the journalists who played a pivotal role in exposing the FBI’s investigation into the Trump Campaign for President during the 2016 election. Corn and Isikoff shared the early origins of their reporting into Russian influence over Donald Trump and explain how their Cold War experience helped them crack a massive modern spying case centered around agents of influence.
Isikoff’s story in Yahoo! News about Trump Campaign advisor Carter Page in September 2016 and Corn’s report in Mother Jones about former MI-6 agent Christopher Steele’s Trump-Russia dossier which arrived just one week before our last Presidential election, are two of the seminal journalistic stories which ultimately led to Special Counsel Mueller’s current investigation.

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