TWP33: Downsizing? What would you keep?

02.24.2017 - By The Woodworking Podcast

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hffcom YouTube channel. Time lapse build videos. 1 man professional woodworking shop.
Benchtop planer snipe explained:
Keller jig -

Submitted Questions/comments:

July with Fitz - Question for the next podcast: If you guys were to move into a shop half the size of your current ones, what major tools do you think you could get rid of and still be able to do your work.
WillVeeSC - Texas Collaboration! You Guys must do it! Then Mississippi with Jay.
Anton Penner - hey quick question for next podcast. do your planers leave a low spot at the very end of a board? like a joimter would do if the blades were adjusted to high

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