TWP25: SketchUp, Websites for Woodworkers, Cleaning Blades

12.02.2016 - By The Woodworking Podcast

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Episode notes:

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Lewi Uberg

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Joe Montana
Darrell John
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Terry Mulligan
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Chris Capistran
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Chris Stokesmore
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Modern Builds
Don Chesser
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Christopher Michael Copes
Saint Nicster

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Free version SketchUp 8:
Tyler Moore on YouTube for starting a WordPress Website:

Submitted Questions/comments:

"Rob Fahler - (Last name pronounced: FAY-ler) I've been starting to work with SketchUp to learn to model stuff I'm building. 2x4 garage shelves and room layout. Have you moved to the point of purchasing the pay version of that tool (or another similar tool) and if so, at what time did you make that move?"
Ted - What source do you find best for designing your website. I am currently the GoDaddy built in package.
Lewi Uberg - Hi! Here in Norway we don't have these cleaning solutions (or good blades) you have to clean your saw blades. Do you know if there is any ordinary cleaning solution that I can use for this purpose? Like dishwasher tablets or something (I don't have a clue:) )
Chris - My question is it seems like much of your time is spent on the road either at shows or meeting and working with other builders, or building projects for your own homes or shops. So how is it you're able to make money doing this line of work?

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