TWP2: Woodworking With Other People

02.05.2016 - By The Woodworking Podcast

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In the second episode of The Woodworking Podcast we're talking about working with other people in our shops.

Episode notes:

Breaking News:

April - Working on behind the scenes stuff this week.
Nick - Nearing the end of the TV Lift Cabinet Saga.
Jay - Recovering from Hurricane Ferry.

Episode Topic: Working with other people in your shop.
Questions From YouTube:

Marty Dufour - I have been struggling to shoot my "first" You Tube video. What was your first video like? Did you do an Intro? Did you write a script? Everyone tells me just be yourself but, It's hard trying to be yourself while on a video. Sort of breaking the ice.
Trevor Vera - will you all do a build off, say like the 2x4 challenge, or what could make with minimum tools. For me being overseas tools are hard to come by, all we have here are a few drills and circular saw.

Community News:

James Green pen turning challenge:
Nick Ferry's table saw sled giveaway:

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