UltimateNinjaSpammer's Podcast

By AristeusJr Johns

What's UltimateNinjaSpammer's Podcast about?

Hey Guys its me UltimateNinjaSpammer I do videos on the ultimate ninja storm generations game, just so none of you get mad at me or anything my name is primarily a joke but I might incorporate spamming into my videos possibly the best people to spam with FYI are the narutos (especially sage) and young kakashi with chidori. Honestly though you can somehow spam with every character. I Will also be bringing you throughout story mode,survival and tournaments. click here http://www.youtube.com/user/UltimateNinjaSpammer?feature=mhee

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WWW Episode 3: Rock Lee VS ...


Another New Who Would Win, this time we have student vs master Rock Lee V.S Might Guy. Stay tuned more to come!