Underrepresented, Underpaid & Undervalued – Having to change jobs to advance your career

03.16.2021 - By Software Engineering Unlocked

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In this episode, I talk to Jenn Creighton. Jenn is a Senior Staff Engineer at Apollo. Jenn specialized in frontend-end development is currently working on the open-source work for Apollo GraphQL.
She also is a frequent conference speaker, an authoritative voice in tech, and recently started her own podcast called single-threaded

We talk about:
- what a senior staff engineer does, and which responsibilities this title entail,
- why she needed to frequently change her job in order to advance her career,
- how gaslighting, bias, and being underrepresented, underpaid, undervalued is part of her decades-long experience as a developer
- and how she makes sure she is helping others to enter tech and have a better experience.

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