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In this episode of Limitless Laowai, I was delighted to welcome back to Limitless Laowai Sarah Zhang, Social Media Influencer and International Lifestyle Guru. In today's show, we're going to be continuing our conversation related to her dreams to bring the very best wine, food, fitness and lifestyle resources to upscale Chinese consumers. In this second show with Sarah, we dive deep into the opportunities and challenges that are present in an increasingly connected social media world. We also discuss what she does to relax and regroup given her exceptionally large number of social media followers. Lastly, we tackle how Sarah feels to be named a person who "represents modern China." You're going to want to hear her thoughts on this wonderful honor. Special thanks to this episode's sponsors, Concordia International School Shanghai; discover more at // What'd you think of this show? Send comments, questions, and feedback to the host at [email protected].

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