UR 160: Alone — Dave McIntyre

06.26.2018 - By Undone Redone

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Tray is joined by Dave McIntyre who won season two of The History Chanels hit reality show ALONE. Dave talks his wilderness survival skills, relying on God during trying times, and a little bit about his own undone redone journey. Dave takes through his journey of finding a love for Christ and the wilderness and how he was able to open a wilderness survival ministry in Brazil. He was able to live both his passions together until he came face to face with his own undoing, which for Dave was a divorce. This divorce caused him to lose his ministry and he found himself back in Michigan. He was approached by the producers to submit a casting for the show ALONE. After being offered a position on the show he accepted a place and that began his journey. He spent 66 days on the north end of Vancouver Island living off the land in isolation. Listen to hear more about his journey.

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