Episode 144: Vision Casting Mistakes That Are Killing Your Goals

12.16.2021 - By Make Chic Happen

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2022 IS NOT going to magically make all your problems disappear. You can make a vision board, set new goals, get committed whenever you please.⁠


A new year isn't going to make all the underlying reasons why you keep falling short on reaching your goals.⁠

In this episode, you'll learn:⁠

-If you're struggling with vision casting, that is totally normal. Allow yourself to feel uncomfortable!⁠

-Your goals should push you, grow you, and challenge you. But they should also be realistic! ⁠

-If the big vision paralyzes you, then you need to break it down into smaller, more attainable goals. ⁠

-As you think about your vision, you have to connect it to the work that has to happen. What do you have to do to show up and make that vision a reality? ⁠

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