460 Walls of shelves Pt 2

08.23.2015 - By Matt's Basement Workshop Video Feed

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In today's episode we continue the construction of the "Walls of shelves" for my client by routing the dadoes for the fixed shelves and then ripping the sides to size. Also we'll cut the fixed shelves and create the blind rabbet joint that not only attaches the top fixed shelf to the sides, but will help to add some rigidity and strength to it. Once this is all done, we're about halfway through the construction phase and we can begin to move into the assembly of the shelves next week. In the second half of today's show I want to discuss a little bit about understanding the basics of the plywood grading system. Other than exterior vs interior plywoods, the biggest concern is understanding how the grading system can tell you which pieces are best for fine woodworking and which ones are more utilitarian. In the episode I mention a great article at WOOD Magazine's Website which is a nice basic look at understanding the grading system and what you can expect from the various grades of plywood. CLICK HERE TO VISIT. Items mentioned in today's episode you may want to add to your shop: Magswitch Plywood Router Bits Kreg Tools Kreg Precision Router Table Set Up Bars Quick Clamps Help support the show - please visit our advertisers

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