#118: 5 Warning Signs That You're Stuck In A Soul-Sucking Job

10.27.2019 - By Online Marketing Strategies

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We’ve all been fed the same message throughout our lives: get good grades, go to a decent college, find a great job, settle down, pay taxes and student loans, work your butt off, retire, and then live your life.  Sound familiar? Well, for many, it’s a broken record, and they wish they could turn it off somehow. Not just turn off the advice and the dogma, but the rigid system we’ve all been born into. We live in such a conditioned, programmed culture where people feel they have no way out, like they have to follow the lifestyle that’s been forced upon them. We’ve all grown exhausted of the rat race, and want a better way. Mentioned in this episode: Watch The Video: My Entrepreneurial Journey

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