Introducing: Witches of the Waste

05.08.2019 - By Waste Radio

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In the latest broadcast of Waste Radio, Waste correspondents Eric Toennis and Chris Tsekouras journey to the heart of the witch's lair for a very special episode. On a farm outside Tillamook, OR they sit down with herbal artist Laura Sanders of Rogue Witch Apothecary and visual artist Sara Dread to talk about witchcraft, paganism, magic, and what it means for them to be witches in their daily lives. They even do a tarot card reading! Check out all the great herbal creations and visual art these two have to offer at and! 


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Podcast produced by Eric Toennis. Rogue Witch Apothecary logo by Natalie Myers. Graphic by Sara Dread. Waste Radio graphic by Cooper Malin.
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