4 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Success

06.30.2018 - By SistaSense Success Podcast

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Reaching your success goals requires strategy and intention. Here are 4 things you can work on strategically in your online business: Try something new this month. I am trying short podcast episodes and IGTV on Instagram, what is one new thing you can try this month? #2 Answer one real question someone in your tribe has sent to you at least once a month in the form of an audio-based message that you can turn into an LPP, low price point product, similar to the new series. Are you getting questions from people who follow your business? Can you turn your answers into audio information products? #3 What's broken in your business? Where are you struggling? ThinK of one way you can plug one hole in your business right now. For example, some women entrepreneurs in my circle struggle with procrastination, are you a pro at procrastinating? To help online entrepreneurs in my circle work on getting more done, I created the . What can you do to work on improving your business skills and/or your business this coming month? #4 Have you set your Cashflow Goals by creating your 7-Day Cashflow Calendar for the week. I creating the Cashflow Goals Guide to help you set yourself up for success starting with Sunday Sales Prep, Monday Money, Tues Tool Talk and more. Be sure to grab your free and/or the complete series to learn more and dive into the 7-Day Cashflow Goals Calendar today!

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