Wednesday June 30 - Full Show

06.30.2021 - By The Dana Show with Dana Loesch

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The NSA denies Tucker Carlson’s allegation that he was a target of the agency to take his program off the air. Hamilton, the musical, is getting relief from the federal government. CNN publishes an article calling President Xi a “star”. More on NSA. Dana tells listeners to stop talking to your devices. The founder of BET wants a check for reparations.Please visit our great sponsors:Patriot Mobile your trust in Patriot Mobile. Now get 50% off the first 2 months OR $100 off any phone in stock with a 1-year commitment, as well as free premier activation with promo code Dana. or call 972-PATRIOT. Kel-Techttps://KelTecWeapons.comKelTec: Creating Innovative, Quality Firearms to help secure your world. Delta Rescuehttps://deltarescue.orgGet your complete Estate Planning kit at today and let your passion for animals live well into the future. Superbeetshttps://DanasBeets.comBuy 2 bags of SuperBeets Heart Chews and get a bag of Vitamin D3 Chews AND a free bag of SuperBeets Heart Chews. Fast Growing Trees living a greener life with 15% off at

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