Week 181 - Vietnam War

05.04.2020 - By The Weekly List

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This week, with his approval dropping and  Republicans alarmed about losing the Senate in 2020, Trump shifted away  from holding daily task force briefings. Instead, he and his regime  sought to portray a great economic recovery coming soon, with the worst  of the pandemic behind us. Trump told reporters, “I see the light at the  end of the tunnel very strongly,” and Jared Kushner told “Fox &  Friends” that the regime’s handling of the crisis was “a great success  story.”
While Trump tried to shift the narrative, the  death toll passed another milestone — deaths during the Vietnam  War — and ended the week with more than 65,000 Americans dead. Trump  sought to move the goal posts again for what he could call a “good job,”  from 60,000 on April 10, to 70,000 early this week, then by the end of  the week to hopefully less than 100,000. As Trump continued to agitate  for states to reopen and to back protestors, a patchwork of reopenings  played out, as Dr. Anthony Fauci warned that opening too soon would “get  us right back in the same boat that we were a few weeks ago.”
This week Trump and his regime focused on  shifting blame to China as part of Trump’s re-election strategy. Trump  contradicted U.S. intelligence claiming, without evidence, that Covid-19  originated in a lab in Wuhan. Others in his regime and Republican  lawmakers turned up the rhetoric and threats of retaliation.
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