Welcome to Psychological Safety Works with Sandi Givens Episode 1

02.20.2020 - By Psychological Safety Works with Sandi Givens

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For more than 30 years, I’ve worked in the areas of Leadership and Communication as a Conference Speaker and Corporate Workshop Facilitator in my own business.  And during that time, I’ve noticed a significant increase in problems in workplaces that create great risks to employees’ psychological safety. Physical safety we get – we know it’s important to ensure employees know how to lift things properly, that there are no trip hazards in the workplace, that office furniture is ergonomically designed to avoid repetitive strain injury … But what is psychological safety all about?

This short Welcome Episode 1 outlines:

Who is this podcast for
What topics will be covered
Some shocking statistics about the state of Mental Health in Australia and the impact this is having on businesses
The free resources that will be available to listeners

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