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WELL / AWARE Show 035: What Defines You?

You ever really stop and think about that? Just do it with me for a sec, see what comes to mind. You might envision a list of personality traits, achievements, a mental resume, your book deal, the day you came out, your instagram following—there’s no wrong answer. I think the interesting part is whenever we’re asked about defining moments it’s always the “big ones.” (You can’t see me right now, but I’m doing air quotes.) I think about this a lot because whenever I have a guest on the show, I’m trying to figure out how to help them tell their stories. And it makes sense, by the way. I love big moments, personal growth, celebrations, and what not. But the stories that are most fascinating to me are the ones that preceded the big day. When did you know you’d quit your job one day and start your own company? What shift happened internally or who inspired you to create an imprint on your soul that you’d actually act on? When you look at these mini memories, they are without a shadow of a doubt, moments that had your undivided attention. And if you thread them together, it might look like a timeline of minutiae! But they’re not. To make that mental shift is sometimes so much bigger, scarier, and more vulnerable than unlocking the actual achievement, or the final product or big goal. Even if the moment was fleeting, you had to be an open channel: totally receptive and truly present. When you take a moment to reflect and notice the commonalities of the moments behind what defines you, you’ll see that they’re not so trivial. You’ll see how how being present shapes the future. Staying present isn’t easy. If it were, we’d all be walking around enlightened and awake. If you’re afraid, or if being totally present is hard, know that hardship is fertile ground for growth. Being somewhere else, anywhere but the present, is robbing yourself of the full experience, of what life has to offer. It’s a practice though! It’s not about being perfect and present all the time. I’m certainly not. It’s about coming back to. About reminding yourself what it is you’re here for, and what defines you. That’s it! Thank you all so much for listening. If you like the show, I’d love for you to leave a review on iTunes. Shoot me an email, wellawareco@gmail.com, and find me on Instagram @wellaware_, and until next time. Be well! Photo by Maya Moverman


WELL / AWARE Show 034: Saturn Return with Mojave Rising

It’s been since June since I last released an episode—I missed you guys SO MUCH. For anyone who is new to the show—WELCOME!—I’m Lindsay and this is the WELL / AWARE Show, where we talk about all things wellness from the inside out.  I also just wanted to say I SO appreciate your emails and notes and continued reviews of the show. There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t think about this space, and it was really a show of support and community that you all kept writing. So please keep writing! It’s so good to hear what you like, what you could do without, what you’re not getting anywhere else, all that good stuff. Nothing is changing about the show immediately, but I do have a few things planned including some events—a few of you have been asking about the workshop with Jessa Blades. That’s still in the works. The long and short of it is our event space had some issues with flooding, so we’re waiting on a new space to be finished. It’ll be amazing whenever it does happen, so please stay tuned. Question for you” would you ever want to see videos or do you prefer the podcast medium? I don’t have any planned—but I’m curious to see. This season I have an incredible lineup. I haven’t quite figured out the order, but without giving too much away: we’ll be talking about hormones, plants, the best in non-toxic skincare, empowerment, and conscious consumerism. To kick it off, today I’m chatting with Bess Matessa of Mojave Rising once again all about Saturn Return. If you’re in your late 20s or early 30s an experiencing massive changes in your life… Saturn Return is the astrological explanation behind it and this episode will be especially insightful for you. Even if you’re younger you’ll get a hint of what’s in store, and if you’re older you’ll have an explanation as to why everything changed. Also, regardless of your age Saturn is always transiting so Bess is sharing with us today how to capitalize on that energy. This is exactly what has been going on for me since June: I got married, got a new job, and started a yoga teacher training in the same week! And clearly, I underestimated how demanding each one would be. But more on that next week. In this episode, you’ll learn: how to find your saturn return and where saturn is transiting for you right now get a takeaway design-oriented / material world suggestion of how to manifest saturn’s energy as it applies to you learn astrology 2.0 terminology beyond the basic horoscope lingo understand what each house means a little bit more deeply what sign is “The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up” (because who doesn’t want to know that) Bess and I discuss what happened in our own Saturn Returns You’re probably going to want to take notes—this is chock full of inspiration. If you want to follow along or tweet or insta at us while you’re listening, Bess’s insta handle is @mojave_rising, I’m @wellaware_ and as always, leaving a review on iTunes is so much appreciated, and if you want to say hi or chat I’m wellawareco (at) gmail (dot) com.


WELL / AWARE Show 033: Cultivating a Generous Spirit with Waiting for Saturday

Coco (aka Nicole) and Olivia of Waiting for Saturday Hi guys, Happy Fourth of July weekend!   If you love the show, I would encourage you to write a review. Sharing a review lifts the podcast within iTunes so it gets discovered by more people. That helps it grow — and growth is good. Which reminds me — I want you all to meet each other and to that end, I’m still planning this workshop! I will keep you posted but in the meantime if you want to hear about that, and other things, email me at wellawareco@gmail.com with the subject line “newsletter” and I’ll getchya signed up. So… I’ve been thinking a lot about “me” time — what does it mean? Are you totally alone for some quiet time? Are you alone but surrounded by people in a park or city? And when you get that precious time, how do you spend it? That’s what today’s guests are all about — Nicole (aka Coco) and Olivia are the co-creators of Waiting for Saturday, which is a study of off duty style. And while they both come from a fashion background, they cover more than just style: rituals, habits, recipes … essentially the things that make people tick, the things they look forward to. We have that in common — and while we talk about a TON, what was most interesting was their mentality about balance, and doing it all. All three of us balance full time jobs, friends and family, hobbies and our sites, so it was really refreshing to hear from another voice about they go about their lives, staying sane in the middle of chaos. Among other things we discuss: * our off-the-beaten-path thoughts on the ever elusive “balance” // getting real * their individual backgrounds, and what they bring to Waiting for Saturday * flexing your creative muscle at work and in pleasure * the key to constructive criticism and encouraging growth * why they made a whole website about saturday * their fascination with the mundane * their current favorite rituals, and some of mine * how cultivating a generous spirit can encourage creativity and productivity * why they love working when they’re not at work This episode is amazing for anyone with a side hustle or practice. It’s also for anyone who’d start one but doesn’t feel like they have enough time. It’s for people who are feeling stuck at work — even if it’s creative work. And it’s for anyone looking for a refresher — in their personal style or otherwise. SHOW NOTES: Waiting for Saturday: Instagram | Facebook | Tumblr (!) | Pinterest   Garance Dore Linda McCartney book (Coco’s inspiration) Monocycle 7 Minute Boiled Egg  


WELL / AWARE Show 032: Uncoupling in Other Ways

It’s the end of day two of a three day cleanse. I’m doing it a little differently this time, and I’m excited because it seems to be working in all of the right ways and I will write a blog post about exactly what I did. Hint: it’s not just juice. After having done just juice for four days two other times, I figured out that it doesn’t really fit my lifestyle and that’s okay. Also, sugar is an enormously overlooked factor in juice cleanses, IMO. More on that to come. Today it’s about Uncoupling. Not in the Gwenyth sense of romantic uncoupling, but using the same concept to describe the habitual “if, then” phenomena in an emotional thought process, and how to disassociate thought patterns from one another. Because chances are that it’s this triggered negative emotion that’s holding you back, and that emotion can be let go as soon as we identify the pattern. It’s the process that needs a remedy. If you’ve been holding yourself back in any way, or find yourself in the same situation over and over you’d rather not be in, this is one way to get insight into why, and then a few techniques that may alleviate the white knuckle grip. This episode will be helpful for anyone who finds themselves in the same insufferable situations, time after time. It’s for the individual who is ready to peel back the next few layers, as this one isn’t so easy. It’s for anyone who wants a a new way of seeing and getting unstuck. In this episode I dive into a pattern I’ve begun to recognize in order to illustrate this pattern using an example that’s very close to my heart — my dad’s passing. A few things I discuss in this episode include: * “if, then” thought processes * the lasting effects of traumatic events * ending suffering * how to get out of your own way I wanted to share this experience because it was a true aha moment for me, and I thought it may be for some of you, too. Here are the steps — IDENTIFY: Identify the instances that you’re holding yourself back, that you’re repeating a pattern you’d rather not. NOTICE: The coupled emotion that precedes it. How are you feeling before the unwanted behavior happens? EXAMINE: The first time these two coupled emotions appeared in your life together. My guess is that this event, whether it was positively or negatively charged, was a big deal. This exercise will help you become clearer. Don’t fret if you don’t nail it in the first few minutes you’re thinking about it, it can take a while to mull over but something will click. Next week, the ladies behind Waiting for Saturday will be on the show — stay tuned and until next time, be well. Photo by Maya Moverman


WELL / AWARE Show 031: Curiosity as the Antidote to Your First Nature with Alex Sharry

And we’re back! Back up and running from this unprecedented podcasting interruption. What can I say? Sometimes life has a way of preventing you from doing the passion-thing, and you’ve gotta take care of yourself. I alluded to this in the last episode about uncertainty, Episode 30. It’s short, provides context and is a snapshot of what I believe will be one of my biggest growth moments this year. What kind of WELL / AWARE podcast host would I be if I didn’t practice what I preach? I love creating content for you here. I really do. It’s really fun, rewarding and, if I’ve done my job, it’s helpful or amusing or comforting or meaningful to at least one person who listens. Which is why there are lulls sometimes: I won’t publish just for the sake of publishing. I don’t rush to get episodes out. I take time with each and every one, sometimes having more than one conversation to ensure all the questions were answered. Thank you to every one of you who has reached out about my wellbeing, and the show. Aside from being a wee bit tired, I am one hundred and ten percent great, and WELL / AWARE isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, we’ve just passed our one year anniversary — can you believe it? To honor WELL / AWARE and its very first guest who took a big chance on me, I invited Alex Sharry back on the show for special episode on growth and reflection. Alex Sharry is a yoga teacher in New York City and Brooklyn, you can find her at Y7, Lucent Yoga, Sky Ting and Katonah Yoga. If you haven’t listened to Episode 1, I encourage you to so you understand the nuanced references.   A few things we touch on in this episode include: * growth and reflection on the last year for both Alex and myself, using those examples to frame larger growing pains of our generation and ilk * how to tell if your mentor is false or the real deal * the difference between a therapeutic practice and a restorative one * the subtle but key differences between first and second nature * how to identify your first and second nature * emotional archetypes * why “grinning and baring it” is doing you no favors * the question that shifted her negative body image for good * alex’s new rituals for grounding and time management * poses and techniques to remedy sadness and “blahs” * how to view your yoga practice through a therapeutic lens * how to identify the moment where saying no offers more growth than saying yes This episode will be helpful for anyone who is looking for new rituals. Or maybe, you need a reality check (like both Alex and I) about how important it is to take care of yourself and your needs before overdoing it. If you’re broken, you can’t help any body! It’s excellent for yogis, aspiring yoga teachers and / or anyone thinking of trying yoga. It’s for anyone with a mindfulness practice, or who is curious about it. It’s for anyone who feels stuck, and wants to tap into his or her second nature to overcome obstacles. SHOW NOTES Alex Sharry: Instagram | <a href="https://www.facebook.com/alex.sharry.5?


WELL / AWARE Show 029: Pain as a Portal with Biet Simkin

You know, New York is a funny place. A lot of people come for the anonymity, for the chance to start over and reinvent oneself. And what’s cool is that the longer you live here, the more you know that you don’t know. There’s always something to discover or something new being built. But when it comes to degrees of separation and relationships — you cannot expect to stay anonymous for very long. Having lived here for more than a decade, the big city has gotten pretty small. So it was a matter of time before I met Biet Simkin, we run in a lot of the same circles. Biet is an artist, meditation guide and spiritual teacher who has been through a thing or two. Deaths, addiction and depression lead her to hit rock bottom before she had an awakening that lead her to pursue her highest self. I’m pretty picky when it comes to “spirituality” in quotes because it means so many things to so many people, but I dig her approach — there’s a method to the madness. She’s clearly questioned, sat with and practiced it herself before giving unto others, which you’ll see, I ask her a lot of questions of the mechanics of her practice, and I was quite satisfied with the answers. Biet has taught mindful SoulCycle classes, she officiates wedding ceremonies and has a new album out, but she’s most known for her meditation events. She describes these experiences as consciousness from the outside in: and I’m a fan of this approach because meditation practice only goes so far. Biet actually brings you into an environment, whether that’s an art gallery, photo shoot, fashion show, what have you — and raises individual and therefore collective consciousness and presence, set to a soundtrack of her creation. Check out the episode for a sneak peak of The Lunar, a song off her new album. It’s available on iTunes to buy for less than $8, which I recommend an artists supporting each other — otherwise it is available to listen or preview on Spotfiy as well! She has a meditation event coming up on April 7th in collaboration with the founder of The Numinous — and it looks rad.  for anyone in New York who wants to check it out— that’s actually not on her website but it’s on her Facebook page. Among other things we talk about: her background, which is of note because it is really woven into the episode instead of being solely at the start what it means to have an awakening my own awakening what it feels like to be a jack of all trades death, drug and alcohol addiction, and guilt using pain as a portal her proactive approach to fear and self doubt the stages of becoming “present” This episode is incredible for anyone who’s experienced loss or deep pain, or anyone looking for some kind of solace. It’s also for the spiritual-curious, who want to understand what it means to be “awakened” and identify your own awakenings. It’s for someone who’s ever been addicted — to anything. You’ll find comfort in knowing you’re not alone and that you have support. SHOW NOTES Biet Simkin: <a href="https://www.instagram.com/guidedbybiet/?


WELL / AWARE Show 028: The Language of Skin with Jessa Blades, Herbalist, Natural Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

Jessa Blades is one of my heroes. Based on how easy it is to talk with and trust her, I have a feeling a lot of women feel the same way after meeting her. We first crossed paths while I reaching out to makeup artists for my wedding, and finally met at Uplift Project 001. Because of her holistic approach to beauty and her mastery in herbalism and safe makeup, I thought she’d be a shoe-in for making the big day 100% natural. Wrong! But that’s also precisely why I love Jessa. She’s well versed in herbs, plants, makeup artistry and holistic living and healing, but she’s also not removed from the real world. Case in point: she maintains that wearing conventional makeup that will actually stay put for hours on is fine your wedding day, because it’s just one day out of the year and therefore insignificant in the larger picture. Rather, her specialty is knowing the good from the bad in everyday products: shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash, makeup, deodorant, toothpaste, and others … and sharing it with the world. It’s the habits and rituals everyday that make a real impact on our health. No doubt Jessa’s holistic living expertise is a goldmine worth exploring (and we go there), but the way she speaks about it is very positive, diplomatic and respectful. In an industry powered by “shoulds” and “should nots,” Jessa has found a delightful medium, using herbalism and safe cosmetics as a platform to invite health instead of blame brands. Only the highest of vibes with Jessa, always. We cover SO much in this episode! You’ll want to check out the show notes, because there was an entire side bar conversation I cut out about all of the salons and spas she loves in both New York and LA which is definitely worth a look. While we cover holistic living, it’s definitely more specifically oriented to skin and body healing through plants and herbs. Among other things, we discuss: * Her background, and how it aligned into a beautiful career she created for herself * Natural birth control, and the three steps involved (this was eye-opening for me) * The pill and body literacy * What Jessa’s diet is like, and her approach to food * The skin as the body’s largest communicator * My scalp issues — as an example of how she works with clients * The place of Western medicine in a holistic lifestyle * A secret, un-released project by Jessa that I guessed and uncovered (!) * Her two top beauty tips for better skin ASAP * Her current favorite products (listed in the show notes, too) This episode is for anyone who’s into herbs, obsessed with clean beauty or wants to learn more. It’s for anyone who’s interested in healing themselves and their skin, especially women who are interested in natural birth control. SHOW NOTES Jessa Blades: Portfolio / Blades Natural Beauty online boutique / Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest 11 Makeup Tips video (we didn’t mention it in the show – but I find it to be super helpful!) Books Not Just a Pretty Face by Stacy Malkan <a href="http://www.amazon.com/Rosemary-Gladstars-Medicinal-Herbs-Beginners/dp/1612120059/ref=sr_1_1?


WELL / AWARE Show 027: Beyond Flowers with Sarah Ryhanen of Saipua

I had a chat with Sarah Ryhanen, founder of Saipua, and it was a good one. It was like we were hanging out with an excellent glass of rose on one of these unseasonably warm March in New York days — casual, unassuming, heart warming, reassuring and inspiring all at once. Saipua does many things, including flower arrangements for weddings, making olive-oil based soaps and running a farm upstate. I wanted to bring Sarah on the WELL / AWARE show for a few reasons. The first and most obvious: her incredible flower arrangements. I’ve been beyond knee deep in wedding planning for the past few months, and hers stand out as the most magical, wild and ethereal I’ve come across, ever — and not at all speaking in hyperbole. Second, Sarah and her partner Eric bought a farm a few years back with the intention of growing flowers that are hard to come by in the market, but they’ve also committed to effecting positive environmental change particularly in an industry that’s traditionally rather wasteful. And last but not least, Sarah had no formal training in flowers and gardening. She figured it out herself. I find this realized potential to be inspiring and hopeful for those who aren’t enamored with their day to day, but also fascinating, and you’ll hear why in the episode. Among other things, we talk about: * her background, the job she did (and got disenchanted with) before starting Saipua in 2006 * the role of “right place, right time” in her success * the Saipua farm, it’s function and purpose * work / life balance * her thoughts on living in city versus the countryside in upstate New York * what self-care means to her — this is a different kind of self-care, LOVED her answer * what it’s like to run a business with your life partner * how astrology has been a consistent support in her life * what’s better for starting and running a successful business: male or female energy * finding your voice on social media * the push and pull of “selling” or doing your passion for a living * unexpected way to have a creative advantage in any field This episode has a little something for everyone. The horticulturist, the flower lovers, anyone who’s ever fantasized about packing their bags and simply living on a farm (by the way, they take apprentices). It’s also great for creatives who are looking for some counsel and discourse on how to brand themselves online through social media. SHOW NOTES Saiupa: Instagram Saipua’s blog Little Flower School – Sarah is a co-founder Images courtesy of Sarah via her flickr feed Thank you so much, Sarah, for sharing openly, bearing with my tardiness and being a part of the project.


WELL / AWARE Show 026: Active Recovery with Rebecca Kennedy of A.C.C.E.S.S.

I first encountered Rebecca in 2013, when I had a minor obsession with Barry’s Bootcamp. I was just starting to experience boutique fitness and regularly went to both Barry’s and SLT (Strengthen, Lengthen and Tone – a megaformer pilates session). I loved taking her “arms and abs” class as a way to include strength training and cardiovascular work in my routine, since yoga has always been my foundation. I tried lots of different trainers there, but Rebecca stood out to me for a few reasons. First, she’s a lady and her energy, while certainly intense, is a great complement to the fierce and often masculine bootcamp ethos. She’s simultaneously encouraging and badass, and will always push you to the limits. I also loved her attention to form, and how she coached running. I’ve learned a handful of minor tweaks that have improved my running for ten-fold from Rebecca. But I wanted to bring her on the show because I think she’s onto something huge in the wellness world: active recovery. With the boom of boutique fitness and more intense workout regimens, she noticed several of her clients getting repeated overuse injuries — something that’s easily prevented with proper stretching, core strengthening and attention to joints. With her experience as a professional dancer, gymnast and personal trainer, Rebecca designed a class called A.C.C.E.S.S., and I’m in love with it. It’s different from any class you’ve taken: so it’s not static stretching, definitely not yoga, but it’s not dance, movement or pilates either. It is a combination of drills that focuses on the main joints: shoulders, hips, ankles and wrists, both my moving them strategically and by strengthening the core. It gets things moving in a physical way: you’ll feel tension loosen, lighter and more flexible for a few days after class, and in the long term. And you will definitely break a sweat, by the way. Among many other things, we discuss: * Her stint as a cheerleader for the New England Patriots * The recent fitness boom and her thoughts on it * Body image: strong vs. skinny * Her take on Barry’s Bootcamp’s huge expansion * A.C.C.E.S.S. and active recovery * A day in her diet, and her favorite cheat foods (!) This episode is good for anyone with a regular movement practice. Dancers, runners, yogis, gymnasts, “the class”-ers and boot-campers would be right at home in this episode. This is great for anyone struggling with her body image, especially how it relates to the feminine portrayal of strength. Or, it’s for anyone obsessed with boutique fitness classes: you need this! But seriously, for your body. SHOW NOTES Rebecca Kennedy: Instagram / Facebook / A.C.C.E.S.S. Barry’s Bootcamp Source Organic protein: whey (Rebecca’s fave) / peanut (Lindsay’s fave)


WELL / AWARE Show 025: Slow Yoga Revolution with J. Brown of Abhyasa Yoga

Unlike most of my other podcast guests,  I didn’t meet J. Brown through Instagram. He’s someone I met in real life, about eight (!) years ago when I was a whippersnapper journalism student at NYU with a keen interest in community and wellness. I had just started my first blog as a class assignment, and stepped inside his then-brand-new studio, Abhyasa Yoga. I remember it well, he was the first person I interviewed on assignment that felt more like a conversation than a rigid question and answer format. After an extensive career in teaching yoga and suffering a knee injury, J. started the studio to practice what he calls “slow yoga,” the anti-power vinyasa and a true yin sensibility. Can you believe that J. is the first dude on the show? Only took me twenty five episodes. After having a great experience interviewing J., I practiced at his studio some, but couldn’t afford to keep coming on a student budget. But I subscribed to his newsletter, which is released monthly, and is one that I’ve kept for all 8 years, I never unsubscribed once. And for someone who has a habit of unsubscribing from at least 3 newsletters a week, that means something. J. has his finger on the pulse of the yoga world. His writing is often controversial, as he’s not afraid to speak his mind on topics many would rather leave alone or brush under the rug. More recently, he’s started a podcast called Yoga Talks, which is very insider baseball and pulls back the curtain on the sometimes clandestine New York yoga scene. J. and I cover a lot of ground. Among other things, we talk about: * the role of loss in depression * the merits (or… demerits) of yoga teacher training * the lessons he learned in India that immediately informed his personal practice and later on, the foundation of his studio * the new yoga teacher’s dilemma * the new model for making a sustainable living on yoga * the simple way to teach from your soul * finding “your yoga” This episode is excellent for anyone who is contemplating a yoga teacher training. Beyond that, it’s for anyone who’s ever dealt with loss of a parent or parental figure. It’s for anyone who wants to know more about the slow yoga movement, and the history and inspiration behind it. It’s for teachers who are seeking new inspiration, and the causal yoga goer or yoga-curious. SHOW NOTES J. Brown and Abhyasa / J.Brown Yoga Video (March 22 official launch, but available pre-sale now) Yoga Talks Podcast / Blog / Twitter Amy Matthews on Yoga Anatomy – from J.’s Yoga Talks podcast Jivamukti Lilia Mead – from J.’s Yoga Talks podcast Ashtanga Vinyasa Iyengar David and Sharon / Jivamukti Alison West / Y...


WELL / AWARE Show 024: The Frontier with Natalie Kuhn of the class.

“the class.” motto is finding peace through strength. If I had to describe it in one word, it would be cathartic. First things first, I’ve got to come clean: I was skeptical about the class before I tried it. I love a good physical release, but attention to form, mind body connection, individual attention and a killer playlist are so super important to me. I was equal parts intrigued and stuck in a fitness rut it was time to give it a try. Side note, if you’ve ever seen the class. regulars, hello, I’ll have whatever founder Taryn Toomey is having, and dishing out, please and thank you. The regulars are toned, bright eyed, bushy tailed and have an aura that’s magnetic. All of them! I wasn’t sure what to expect (and at the time, there weren’t any videos online that showcase it); what took me by surprise were the feelings of immediate transformation after class and the meta-physical challenge it presented. Using body weight only, the class. uses the body as an access point to move and confront stuck, stagnant and toxic energies. Old emotions. Unfinished conversations. Regret, negative self talk, the bad stuff that, when left untended, can take over your mind like a wall of ivy taking over a building: slowly, but surely, it’ll be covered before you know it. Taryn Toomey is the founder of the class., and Natalie Kuhn and Jaycee Gossett are the first two teachers to come under her wing in New York. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Natalie in class and at the Uplift Project urban retreat, and have to say, she’s pure magic. There are a few reasons I wanted Natalie to be our guest. First, you can read and watch interviews with Taryn literally everywhere (The Coveteur, Man Repeller, The Chalkboard Magazine…. list goes on). She’s really blowing up, in the best way! Natalie is her first in command, and is heading out to LA to open up the class., west coast edition. March 5, 2016. West coasters, run — don’t walk. What I love about her teaching style is that she’s fierce but heartfelt, and understands the fine line between self compassion and growth. I was excited to get her perspective on how the class transformed her life.  the class. bridges the mind body gap in a way many classes won’t. SoulCycle is probably the closest you’ll get to not only the mind body connection, but the present moment awareness of that connection when the going gets tough. The teachers gives cues strategically, when you’re about to give in, to remind you that 1. the mind is stronger than the body 2. get out of your own way and 3. change the story of what you’re telling yourself. The teacher’s cue comes at the same exact time your brain starts switching the story to provide excuses for Among other things, Natalie and I discuss: * What to expect when taking the class.:  process, benefits and how it’s different from other fitness classes you’ll take * Natalie’s personal transformation taking and...


WELL / AWARE Show 023: The Practice of Practice with Sky Ting Yoga Founders Krissy and Chloe

Bringing classical yoga teachings to a modern lifestyle, Sky Ting Yoga is one of my favorite studios in New York City. The competitive spirit that often comes through in Manhattan yoga classes just isn’t present — this is a space where release is routine. Judgment is sloughed in favor of tranquility and a feeling of retreat, which is essential (and rare) in our culture of constant connectivity. I first met Chloe Kernaghan, co-owner of Sky Ting, about eight years ago in a totally different and not-so-yogic setting… college! And in 2008, that meant Brooklyn — we both studied at NYU. I lived in Williamsburg off the Lorimer L train stop, and Chloe would drop by every now and then because she was friends with my roommate. We added each other on Facebook and I starting noticing beautiful pictures of her retreats led with Sky Ting’s other half, Krissy Jones, and, eventually, the opening of Sky Ting popping up in my feed. It was time to catch up! Upon my first visit, I was reminded of the first yoga class I ever took some fifteen years ago (!), which is perhaps why I felt an immediate warmth in the space and connection with the teachers. It’s a nurturing environment that offers all kinds of yoga — Iyengar, Katonah, vinyasa, even Kundalini meditation — but remains nondenominational, which I love. I’m crazy about the minimalist aesthetic, not only is it a breath of fresh air, but it’s welcoming for students at any level. With windowsills full of lush green potted plants, a giant giraffe, amazing skin care (hi, Desiree!), clean eeeats and ethically made athleisure lines Live the Process and Outdoor Voices, they’ve curated what might be the perfect space for those in pursuit of wellness. Once you’re there, you won’t want to leave!


WELL / AWARE Show 022: Sound Baths and Sonic Diet with Sara Auster

Today’s conversation is with Sara Auster, a talented musician, artist, teacher and facilitator of sound baths in New York. My first sound bath was back in October of 2015 — I’m by no means pro-sound bather, I’ve just dipped my toes and found each one of my three sonic bathing instances to be different but equally beneficial. I have to admit, I didn’t expect to have a deeply healing experience. But that’s exactly what it was. In fact, I wasn’t sure what to expect at all. I didn’t know if we’d be sitting upright, if eyes would be open or if I’d be expected to participate. That breezy October evening, I entered a large yoga studio in Soho, right on the most bustling stretch of Broadway. After my eyes adjusted, I joined others in creating a personal haven for the next hour and a half. We fixed yoga mats with lots of props like blankets, blocks and head rests to keep us comfortable in a circle around a collection of musical instruments neatly arranged on a throw. Sara Auster, our sound bath facilitator, came around to make sure everyone had what they needed and addressed questions, since there were a lot of sound bath virgins in the crowd. Then, we took off. Eyes closed and zero effort exerted, the idea is to receive the sounds as you’re exposed to them, reaping the benefits of the sound waves they produce. The sounds themselves were deeply relaxing, I was able to turn inward and not only listen to the sounds of himalyan singing bowls, rain sticks, tuning forks and even the sound of Sara’s voice, but really soak them in. I loved it, and definitely wanted to go again. My second time sound bathing, I found myself trying to detect a pattern among the sounds, since I had what I thought was a blue print — but by doing so, I manifested anxiety because it was entirely different from the first experience and sound baths are improvised. No patterns. Not surprisingly, this search for order was a reflection of what was going on in life at the time, and although it was anxiety-inducing, it provided insight and awareness into a few things and that was helpful. I recommend bringing a journal, and setting aside some time to write afterward for this reason. Like meditation, you’ll likely get up with lots of thoughts, and you won’t want to lose them! The third instance, which wasn’t facilitated by Sara but by the equally talented but entirely different Aya & Tyler, was quite restorative. I had several revelations, inspirations and dreams, probably because we did some modern-shamanism body work before hand, and you know, circumstantial sleep deprivation. In our episode, Sara and I discuss: * what is a sound bath? * how one becomes a sound bath facilitator * how your “sonic diet” affects your well being * her background in massage therapy, yoga and the arts * the one tragic / scary / insane life event that shifted her consciousness * Sara’s light-switch moment from nightlife to wellness * what it means to “hold space” and how to do it well as a teacher, listener or healer * Sara’s personal wellness rituals This episode is for anyone wanting explore healing in a new modality, who has been to a sound bath and wants to know more, or is curious about trying a sound bath. I’m honored that Sara allowed me to share some of her signature sounds right in the episode — so listen to the intro and outro if you want a taste of what one type of sound bath sounds like. By the way, Sara <a href="http://saraauster.


WELL / AWARE Show 021: Holistic Healing with Brittany Wood Nickerson of Thyme Herbal

“Health is something that is incredibly personal and deeply intimate that lives within our bodies, and it will only ever be ours, no matter how many pictures we have on social media health will only be our own intimate experience.” Brittany Wood Nickerson is an herbalist and holistic practitioner who runs Thyme Herbal, and has dedicated her life to learning about plants and their healing properties. To be totally honest, I never in my wildest dreams I’d be as in awe with plants as I have been recently… from food-as-medicine, to the richness they add to self-care products, to the way they purify air and radiate energy to interiors, plants are fucking awesome. I always seem to be striving to integrate more plants into my life… with varying degrees of success. I’ve been experimenting with supplements and tinctures, replacing my morning coffee (let’s be real – almond milk latte) with tea, and have even started a little windowsill garden in the dead of winter. It’s pretty cute. Right now we’ve got a TON of basil. Actually way too much. If anyone needs organic basil… I’m your person. Hit me up. Actually serious. Plants are the solution to many modern ails: air quality, common cold, skin irritations, fatigue, stress, the list goes on. I wanted to learn more about her specific approach, as well as the guiding principles behind why plants are awesome. I also challenged Brittany a lot in our conversation, about the effectiveness of herbs and plants, the placebo effect and other “knee jerk” type responses to slow living — not because I don’t believe in it, because you know I do, but because we need to hear it. Her answers are so beautifully articulated, I couldn’t have said it better myself. We discuss: * Foundations and basics of Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and western herbalism * How to do a “pulse” diagnosis on yourself * The science of “folk” remedies * How she turned her passion and truth into her lifestyle * How she works with her clients to achieve wellness and wellbeing * Modern culture around medicine in the United States and the diagnostic culture of the Internet * Her own incredible experiences of healing through holistic methods If you want to reach Brittany during the show, if the show changed your perspective, if you’re loving it, let us know. I’m @wellaware_ and Brittany is @thymeherbal on Twitter and Instagram. SHOW NOTES <a href="http://Welcome to the WELL / AWARE show, Thank you so much for listening, no but really. You guys are the shit. For anyone new to the podcast, I’m so glad you’re here. Welcome to the WELL / AWARE show, a podcast where we explore wellness and conscious living through conversations with leaders, innovators and trailblazers, anyone who is really killing it at what they do. Some guests are very experienced in their vocation, some are just starting out, but you know what they say, it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it, right? So today, we’re talking about herbs. No, not the illegal kind, although there’s a good chance we do have a podcast or two about those in the future. No, today is all about holistic living and cultivating a healing lifestyle through PLANTS. To be totally honest, I never in my wildest dreams I’d be as in awe with plants as I have been recently… from food-as-medicine, to the richness they add to self-care products, to the way they purify air and radiate energy to interiors, plants are fucking awesome. I know I have a goal of integrating them into my life more.


WELL / AWARE Show 020: 2016 Astrological Forecast with Bess Matassa of Mojave Rising

Today’s episode is meant to be a gift for all of you as a huge thank you for listening to WELL / AWARE and for making 2015 the best year ever. Astrologer Bess Matassa not only shares her story, but she also conducts a sign-by-sign astrological forecast for 2016. I love her approach because it’s less of “a terrible thing will happen on May 24, beware!” and more of “if you’re feeling this way in May, here’s the astrological reasoning, and here’s what you can do to explore it.” It’s an invitation to deepen self awareness through the zodiac, using those energies as a vehicle for personal growth. If you’re into astrology, looking for what’s in store for this year or just feeling like you need more groundedness in your life — this episode is for you. Because she’s awesome, she has also curated an accompanying (and amazing) astrological playlist that captures the energy of each sign that I highly recommend you check out. Since this episode is meant to be used as a resource you can return to, I’ve included time stamps for the start of the forecast and each astrological sign below, as well as a quick recap for each sign. This written guide is certainly the cliff notes version; you’ll want to hear Bess speak about each (she has such a way with words!) but the reference is here should you want to bookmark it and come back to it. Also, if you’re curious about what’s happening astrologically at this very moment, the full moon is in Leo this weekend and Bess wrote all about how you can capitalize on its energy. I met Bess at an astrological plant workshop at Sprout Home in Brooklyn, where I got my first birth chart reading. If you haven’t splurged on this type of reading yet — I highly, highly recommend it, especially if you enjoy reading horoscopes. In this episode, we discuss: * her path to becoming an astrologist (because she also has PhD, and that’s fascinating) * astrology myths * how to interpret your sun, moon and rising sign (and what those mean) * how to navigate your Saturn return (and what that means) * a comprehensive energetic guide to each sign for 2016 Just a note, we mention a company called Street Signs, which has since evolved and now lives on in Bess’s newest venture, Mojave Rising, where she and her partner Cara look to astrological energies in order to guide others to live a more fulfilling life. Talk to us during the show! Find us both on Instagram: @mojave_rising and @wellaware_, and tell me which sign you’re looking forward to the most. Footnote: If you’re in the New York area and aren’t afraid of winter storm Jonas, there’s a Cosmic Terrariums workshop this weekend, January 23, from 12 – 1PM at Sprout Home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and more to come in the coming weeks. Thank you, Bess, for sharing your story, energy and gifts with WELL / AWARE! ARIES  Ego expression, combat, fire, spark, alive. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries represents a spark. Aries is alive, potent and can even be combative.


WELL / AWARE Show 019: The Pilgrimage with Jase Cannon (Part 2)

Welcome to Season Two of the WELL / AWARE Show! Thanks so much for listening, for your emails, but most of all for your attention and support. I know there are a lot of wellness podcasts out there, and I want you to know that I truly appreciate you came and stopped by to hang out here. By the way, I want to hear what else you guys listen to. Tweet me at @wellaware_ and tell me about your favorite podcasts. Or leave me a note in the comments. We’re kicking off the season with a continuation of Jase Cannon’s conversation. Jase is a trans woman. She is HIV positive. She overcame drug addiction. She’s a yoga teacher at Modo Yoga, a barista at La Colombe and an advocate for God’s Love We Deliver, a non-denominational organization that delivers meals to New Yorkers who are too sick to shop or cook. I admire her journey, and perhaps even moreso her ability to speak of it from the heart. In telling her story, she reveals many layers of deep healing that, in one way or another, we’re all journeying through.  In her previous episode we talked about what happened when she quieted the mind and listened to her inner voice — one we all have, by the way — that knew her truth all along. She surrendered and found freedom. For some, it may be gender. For others, it may be career, or a relationship, or any practice that’s not serving your wellbeing. In this episode, we get a peek into her everyday life. We touch on her addiction and recovery, what it’s like to take hormones but perhaps most importantly, the significance of a supportive tribe. And yes, in case you were wondering, we definitely talk about boobs! Boobs. This episode leaves no stone unturned. One last note before we get started. Every year, to fundraise for God’s Love, Jase hosts a wellness weekend called Big Love. If you’re in the New York area, I’d definitely encourage you to attend, this year it’s on February 19, 20 and 21. In case you were thinking “that’s clearly not enough to get what I need,” leading up to the event, there are Big Love sessions on Sundays at Hub Seventeen, in the new Lululemon store on Fifth Avenue. Jase posts them all on her Instagram, too. I will be at the one on January 17, this coming Sunday — it’s a sound bath featuring Aya & Tyler … who are incredible musicians, I love meditating and doing yoga to their music. Like I said in the last episode, I have a fundraise for Big Love live and for anyone who donates $50 or more, I’m offering 1:1 sessions to get unstuck for the New Year. If you want to ping Jase or myself during this episode, she’s @jasecannon on Instagram, and I’m @wellaware_ on Instagram and Twitter, and can also be reached at wellawareco (at) gmail (dot) com. SHOW NOTES Jase Cannon: Instagram / Facebook / Big Love Weekend (my fundraiser is <a href="https://www.crowdrise.com/teambigloveweekend/fundraiser/lindsaymueller" target="_blank" rel="noop...


WELL / AWARE Show 018: Surrendering for Self-Love with Jase Cannon

Here we are, at the very last episode of season one. I feel honored to bring you Jase Cannon’s story. It’s one of growth, transformation, beauty, acceptance and self-love. Her story is complex, with many folds— as such, it made sense to deliver it in two parts. This is part one, and we’ll open next season (on January 14) with part two. I first met Jase at this year’s Big Love Weekend. She hosts one every year to raise money for God’s Love We Deliver, a non-denominational charity whose mission it is to cook and deliver nourishing meals to those in need. I had never heard of GLWD before this February, but what an incredible way to bring wellness to those who need it most. In this community, we know that food is medicine and we are what we eat… the founding principle of WELL / AWARE is that we manifest our inner energy with self-care, and that starts with food. What a gift to be able to give that to those too sick to cook, with diseases like MS, cancer or HIV, or a caregiver who has no time to shop or cook a healthy meal. GLWD also caters to dietary needs, dependent on the individual. Ten bucks is one meal. It’s basically two almond-milk lattes. If you’re interested in helping, you can donate here. I’m offering 1:1 sessions to those who donate $50 or more help you manifest your dreams in the new year, get unstuck and discover new rituals tailored to your specific needs. Shoot me an email at wellawareco (at) gmail (dot) com and we’ll figure out a time to chat, whether it’s in person or on the phone. One of the reasons this initiative is so incredible because Jase herself has overcome a drug addiction, lives with HIV and a huge voice in the wellness and yoga community in New York City. After being unexpectedly moved at the event I knew I had to find out more about this person. At the time, Jase was Jason, also known as The Bearded Yogi. I started following more closely on Instagram and noticed there weren’t very many posts for a while, until I noticed 1) the iconic beard was gone (and what a beautiful face it revealed!) 2) beautifully painted nails 3) hormone treatments and 4) lingerie. Intrigued, I looked up the bearded yogi online but instead, found Jase and her journey. In many ways, her journey is the same one we’re all trying to live: the truest expression of ourselves. For Jase, she’d never expressed her true gender identity. In addition to all of the above, she is also a trans woman and is now embarking on a spiritual, mental, physical and emotional journey to, at age 38, finally become who she was meant to be. We discuss: * what her life looks like now, after coming out as a trans woman * the connection between love and shame * her connection to yoga as a grounding, sacred place * her journey to true self expression * surrender * her new practice of journaling and how it’s helped the transition * early signs of gender identity * manifesting an army of angels * what self-love means to her, and a recent story involving an action of self-love Say hi to Jase at @jasecannon on Instagram, tell her you listened, and as I always say, if you’re feeling the love, share it! SHOW NOTES Jase Cannon: Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook My Big Love Weekend Fundraiser (Big...


WELL / AWARE Show 017: The Role of Self-Care in Successful Partnerships with Co-Founders of CAP Beauty, Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima

What an amazing, incredible privilege it was to interview this dynamic duo. And… it’s a WELL / AWARE first: it’s the very first time the show has had more than one guest on in the same episode! These two ladies are shaking up the beauty industry in a real way. Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima are the founders of CAP Beauty — you heard it here first, it’s the new Sephora. CAP is a natural beauty boutique and spa that stocks products with only the most natural ingredients. I Love CAP Beauty, with a capital L. It’s warm, inviting, chic without being pretentious and just a fun place to play, experiment and meet like-minded wellness folk. I can walk in and trust that I don’t have to look at labels (even though I do, of course, partly out of habit, partly out of passion and curiosity) but also, I can go there and trust I’ll learn something new about beauty or wellness. I met the two of them at one of their events, actually co-hosted by Marissa of Negative Underwear and Sarah Levy, owner of Y7 (where Alex Sharry teaches). They became fans of the podcast instantaneously, and I’m so grateful they did. There’s a reason CAP has a cult following. 1. They bring us brands we haven’t heard of, leading to experimentation. 2. They bring the makers behind the brands to life through intimate in-person events. 3. Their store feels like the living room of your super chic, always put together and on-trend friend. Once you’re there, you’ll never want to leave. There’s no denying they are busy ladies, but something about being in their presence makes you feel taken care of. I also signed up for a treatment in their spa, which was facial acupuncture with the lovely Elizabeth Alexandre, I’ll write about that on the blog. We discuss: * Kerrilynn and Cindy’s own wellness rituals * how Kerrilynn’s celiac diagnosis changed her life * their favorite natural beauty products * the mastermind meetings that lead to opening CAP Beauty * a peek inside their partnership, both big-picture and day-to-day * the effectiveness of natural beauty products * the key to cap beauty’s swift success * balance is overrated (!!!) * straight up finances * how to write a manifesto for yourself or your business * money as a living entity, always in flow * why relationships are the key to a successful business If you want to shout out to Cindy and Kerrilynn during or after their episode, you can reach them at @capbeautydaily on Instagram. Tell them you listened. As I always say, if you’re feeling the love, share it! If you are in NY or visiting and want to pay CAP Beauty a visit, it’s at 238 West 10th street in New York City’s West Village. SHOW NOTES CAP Beauty | Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Marissa Vos...


WELL / AWARE Show 016: Expressing Your Truest Self with Artist Satsuki Shibuya

I fell hard for Satsuki’s soothing, minimalist watercolors after finding them on Pinterest. It was love at first sight. Her abstract paintings are uniform, but only to a certain extent. Each has its own character and vibration. They all feel organic and have the energy of a peaceful ocean swell. The colors are drawn from analogous palettes: dusty rose, soft grays and easy greens play with one another through amorphous shapes. After discovering her, I followed along on Instagram more closely and started to enjoy her profound words. I also noticed that she also calls herself a “spiritual thinker,” a delightfully complementary juxtaposition to her work. Her posts on Instagram speak to mindfulness from all different angles —  sometimes funny, always uplifting, and she strikes a chord every time. Once I understood the role that wellness played in her work, I knew we had to invite her to the show. I have a high regard for Satsuki and her sacred creative rituals. As someone who’s always dabbled in art and loves following the scene, I’m impressed by her technique, the story of how she got started and how quickly she was able to make a name for herself. Satsuki’s art has been featured in collaborations with Vrai & Oro, The Dreslyn, and she’s been featured in Refinery29, Kinfolk Magazine and more. Although not originally a painter by trade, she’s made a strong name for herself in a very short timeframe, which I find fascinating. Like many creatives I know, Satsuki never quite felt like she fit in because she had some special gifts. In fact, for many years of her life, she put on a show to give the illusion she was part of the group, but knew deep down that she was different — in a way that freaked out people who were closest to her. This episode is comforting for anyone suffering from feeling left out, weird, different or just not mainstream, even if the feeling is left over from childhood. It’s affirming to hear about Satsuki’s unconventional path, as we sometimes forget there are so many options that exist beyond our current everyday realities. We discuss: “parallel pathing” or what it feels like to be going in the right direction, on a not-quite-right track] growing up in a strict culture framework how to listen to your intuition her morning routine, which doesn’t involve painting Satsuki’s painting / artwork-naming process what it’s like to be a super Pinner how she solves for anxiety attacks the importance of determining your financial worth as an artist learning how to saying no and get more of the work what you want what “soul work” feels like SHOW NOTES Satsuki Shibuya | Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook Recommended reading: The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer, <a href="http://www.amazon.


WELL / AWARE Show 015: Mindful Supperclubs, Becoming a Chef and Going With Your Gut (But Against the Grain) with Daphne Cheng

I’m very, very excited to announce our guest this week is Daphne Cheng. You may have heard of her. She’s a vegan chef in NYC and founder of Exhibit C (shown above), and when I say chef I mean host, artist, classically trained chef and mindfulness advocate. Her work has been featured on Well + Good, Vogue, Refinery 29, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, SELF Magazine… the list is lengthy. I met Daphne on a gorgeous night this past August, my friend Alden of Ecocult (also of Episode 003 of the show) invited me to girls’ night out, potluck dinner style. I remember googling Daphne, as she was hosting the dinner, and immediately thought I had to step up my recipe game. I’m a lot of things, but one thing I am not is a cook… I attempted a gluten-free, vegan coconut roasted cherry rice pudding. It didn’t travel well or look pretty, but thankfully it tasted good. That night I learned that Daphne is a true connector. From our conversation, you’ll see that she loves bringing people together as much as she loves plants and cooking. This episode is great for anyone interested in the dialogue around not just healthier eating and veganism and what that looks like, which we do touch on, but also someone who’s interested in extending that ethos into the HOW. Not just what you eat, but how you eat it. Who eat it with. The sounds around you when you taste it… making the entire experience of living well more mindful. It’s great for someone who’s gone through eating disorder recovery, or is interested in seeing how an eating disorder can lead to a beautiful life’s passion. It’s also good for anyone interested in becoming a chef, the challenges and rewards, and Daphne’s events are phenomenal for anyone who is interested in vegan cooking, especially if you’re an omnivore! If you want to shout out to Daphne during or after the episode, her social info is in the show notes but you can reach her @_daphnecheng on Instagram and Twitter. If you’re feeling the love, share it <3. We discuss: what it’s like to venture off the beaten path in a traditional family struggles with anorexia bootstrapping as an entrepreneur, and side jobs the vegan appeal… and PETA the benefits of urban supper clubs the medical community’s empirical evidence in support of meditation Daphne’s current favorite foods photos of Daphne’s Mind Matters event from November 9, 2015 / Daphne at work (above) SHOW NOTES Daphne Cheng | Instagram,  Twitter Exhibit C | Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Alden Wicker, Ecocult (and Episode 3 of the WELL / AWARE Show) Natural Gourmet Institute Workflowy App


WELL / AWARE Show 014: Eating Disorders, Addictions and Yoga with Erin Gilmore

Note: Erin kindly asked me to put a trigger warning here. We talk about eating disorders, addictions and sexual abuse. If any of this material is triggering for you, you may want to skip this episode.  Lead with your crazy. That’s the Erin Gilmore way. After a lifetime of feeling like she had to suppress her own, she’s learned through a dedicated yoga practice and blossoming teaching career that it’s more authentic and rewarding to lead with it. Why not? For her, that means being open and honest about her journey, admitting imperfection, revealing the guts and keeping it real. She does all of this publicly, on Instagram as part of her own healing, and with the hope that someone else feels less alone. Erin has struggled with her relationship with food since she was a teenager. She’s actually spun her yoga practice around her disordered eating, it’s how she found her way out of it. In a slew of other addictive behaviors and substances pushing her along the current of self-loathing through high school and college, one hour a day in yoga was the only time she felt self compassion. If we’re being honest, I cannot remember how I stumbled upon her. It could very have been suggested by Instagram, or through comments by mutual friends. What I do remember is that the inner agreements pictured here are what moved me to reach out. In her Instagram post sharing these inner agreements, she said it was five years and twenty pounds ago. A version of myself could relate. If I dug deep enough, I’m sure I could find something very similar in my own journals, though admittedly without the understanding of dichotomous harmony. Everything was so black and white back then, and I too found comfort in yoga. For me, it was more than a decade ago, but yoga … it was never a punishment. It was an active choice, and therefore quite nourishing for the soul. Recently, Erin wrote: This fit body is a byproduct of my changes, it came about almost by accident. My intention became my own best interest, clarity, rather than a certain ideal I felt compelled to attain. I made a conscious decision to trust my nature. I chose not throwing up, not starving myself, and not forcing my weak body to work out. This shift in perspective allowed my body to find it’s natural balance. I now live in a body shape that is free of fear and hatred.  Did you know that more than 90% of women suffer from some form of disordered eating in their lifetime? For someone who has ever suffered from an ED, freedom is all you ever want. This episode is great for anyone who has ever suffered from disordered eating. But understand it can be triggering. We both discuss our own individual experiences with eating disorders, though we don’t mention weight in exact numbers, and how we’ve recovered. It’s ideal for anyone who feels like “a hungry ghost” — always looking for the next thing.  We discuss: * how-to achieve self-compassion * what it feels like to have an anorexia, bulimia, adderol addiction and more * the tools we used to recover from our respective eating disorders, and the non linear path to get there * the black veil of shame around openly discussing disordered eating * Erin’s path to yoga teacher training and a lucrative career teaching yoga * how she eats, and how she wants to shift her habits * her new tarot ritual * how to get into meditation (hint: I sent her Ally Bogard’s episode!


WELL / AWARE Show 013: Rituals to Support the Creative Process with Caitlin Mociun

Caitlin Mociun — I’m not sure she can be defined anything other than a visionary. I’m prone to say she’s a jewelry designer because she came into my life as a jewelry designer, but she’s much more than that. She’s an entrepreneur, clothing designer, seeker, earth-lover, practitioner and curator. I found her, thank goodness, after doing tons of research on engagement rings a couple summers ago and have been intrigued by her work since. Her unconventional stone cluster rings and gemstone pairings are at the forefront of design — there’s nothing else like them. She might be most known for her diamonds, but her store is stocked with home goods that are just as unique: knives with turquoise handles, bags from Brooklyn-based brand Baggu, handwoven baskets, wall hangings and of course, cases of jewelry that host a mix of her namesake range and antique finds from around the world. Her selection of goods is aesthetically incredible, part desert-whimsy and part artisan. Most things she carries works of art unto themselves. She started with a successful clothing line that no longer exists because she’s become disenchanted by the fast-paced lifestyle that comes with designing season after season, and ends with a lot of waste. After a few successful runs with jewelry, which she loves because it minimizes waste and supports the local community, she listened to her gut (!) and started to build the empire that’s shaking up conventional design and making lots of forward thinking, eco-minded folk very, very happy. When I started following @mociun on Instagram, I became more intrigued by her creative process. Everything she does is so different from the indie jewelry landscape and has proven to be quite successful even with higher price points. She travels four months out of the year and has created a home that’s a sanctuary, not an office space like many entrepreneurs I know (ahem, including yours truly). Also, the bio on her website reads, “At a young age she developed an intense fear of coyotes and spent large amounts of time pretending to be an appaloosa.” How could I not invite her on the show? This episode is for anyone who wants to tune in to the voice within. Caitlin credits her success as designer and shop owner to her ability to go with her gut — and stresses that even if something is, in her words, a complete failure — it still serves a purpose in your journey. It’s also ideal for anyone looking for ideas to invigorate his or her own creativity. Business owners, listen up! There’s tons of valuable insights for you in this conversation. Among other things, we discuss: * social media strategy and Instagram growth * rituals and routines that support the creative process * how she got to feeling comfortable in her own skin * how her eccentric background contributed to the “dissatisfaction” that drove her to design * how healers have helped her break through personal growth plateaus * the importance of travel and time away from work * why she’s shutting down her newly-launched wedding dress line * the role of “complete failure” in major success Show Caitlin some love if her episode is resonating — her social channels are listed below. Happy listening! SHOW NOTES: Mociun online boutiq...


WELL / AWARE Show 012: Yoga as Healing with Stephanie Birch of stephynow Instagram

Today’s guest is someone I never would have met if it weren’t for Instagram. In fact, many of my guests I’ve connected to through this online community. I’m so grateful that we can use our ever-so-connectedness to facilitate real conversation and real connection with people I otherwise would have no idea were living by similar values and sharing familiar struggles. I’m honored to have Stephanie Birch of @stephynow — yoga teacher, mama and seeker on the WELL / AWARE Show this week. I was initially drawn to Stephanie for her writing, all it takes is a quick scroll through her Instagram feed and you’ll see the depth, the rough and tumble, the good and the bad. What might look like a pretty Instagram feed and well-practiced words is so much more than that. Stephanie used yoga to heal from serious depression, mostly post-partum, and shares with us how the practice, specifically connecting the movements to her breath, changed her life.   This episode is great for anyone going through some shit. Real stuff. Stephanie used yoga as a tool to get through serious post-partum depression, and much of her writing is inspired by the link of her practice and her life. It’s also ideal for anyone who wants tools to better understand your own tendencies.  We discuss: * using yoga (or any form of mindful movement) as a tool to heal depression * how she garnered a follow on Instagram * what it’s like to have children when you’re specifically planning not to * overcoming fears of success by getting out of your own way * how to move trauma through the physical body with activity, and by allowing ourselves to feel * how Stephanie eats to support her very active yoga practice * the creative process as release, and writing “urges” * the role of vulnerability in creativity SHOW NOTES: @stephynow / stephynow.com / oneOeight.tv (for yoga videos) @stvntiller, her significant other who posts his gorgeous woodwork passage I read from in the podcast intro uncovering old wounds, a passage referenced mid-show Stephanie’s book obsessions: Red, Hot and Holy Conversations with God Anything by Eckhart Tolle all photos from Stephanie’s Instagram account


WELL / AWARE Show 011: Underwear as Wellness, Self Compassion and Mindful Business with Marissa Vosper of Negative Underwear

I’m so excited to finally share Episode 11, which has been months in the making: an interview with the one and only Marissa Vosper of Soho-based Negative Underwear. I’m intrigued by Negative Underwear as a brand for a few reasons: they’re fairly traded, sustainably made and embody a wellness mindset. All in a pair of skivvies. Marissa maintains that underwear is like the skincare of our wardrobes. It’s what’s closest to the body all day every day, why wouldn’t you pay the same amount of attention to it as you would your morning and evening serums. I love this way of thinking. She’s an incredible example of what living WELL / AWARE looks like in action. Her particularly unique and intriguing upbringing gave her the awareness she needed to understand balance, while meeting her own needs and the demands of her expanding underwear empire. This episode is amazing for anyone trying to get his or her passion project to take off. Marissa used to work at Wolff Olins as a brand strategist, and she’s peppered our chat with helpful insights for what to do once you’ve taken the plunge. It’s also ideal for anyone who wants tools to better understand your own tendencies.  We discuss: * the unintentional theme of getting older, wiser and sexier * how she found a niche and nailed it * how Marissa’s self-image has changed since working in the underwear industry * the importance of good design, especially as it relates to decluttering * the self compassion vs. personal growth conundrum * shifting from a “should” to a “want” approach to career Thanks again for being on the show, Marissa! SHOW NOTES: WELL / AWARE’s Chalkboard Mag feature: Brainfood: 8 Mind Body Podcasts We Love Negative Underwear: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest (shout out to Marissa on Instagram!) 10% Happier


WELL / AWARE Show 010: Food as Medicine and Babies with Jessica Murnane

Here we are at Episode 10. What better way to celebrate this mini-milestone than with a special guest and an extraordinary story. Jessica Murnane of One Part Podcast and One Part Plant fame is such a pleasure to listen to. If you haven’t tried her podcast yet, I highly recommend it. Getting to chat with Jessica was a real treat. This episode is fantastic for anyone who feels like you haven’t found your thing. It was fascinating to hear about her background, which involved stationery design and opening bars, and how grappling with chronic pain ultimately led her to where she is now… and helped her land her BOOK DEAL! If you feel like you’re pulled in a million directions, it’s enlightening to hear how she found her flow. Whether she knows it or not, she challenged me in this episode. This comes up when we start discussing sugar and why people choose to be well. One of my own demons — restrictive eating — came up and she reminded me that her philosophy was never based around restriction (unlike my past, which was), but comes from a place of healing and making choices based on how certain foods make her feel. And that’s largely why I admire her mission. I’m super grateful this conversation lead to that awareness, especially as I become more conscious of when old demons come up in new ways. It was real-time WELL / AWARE. Thanks, Jess, for that. It is also a conversation for women (and men!) who aren’t sure about whether they want kids, who fear pregnancy or who know they want to adopt. I don’t talk about this deeply personal subject very much because I don’t think I want a family. Never say never I suppose, but when it comes up in real life, people are dismissive and rude more often than not, and I just default to autopilot, shutting down because it’s easier than defending my position time and time again. Today, a shield comes down. We hold nothing back, have a few very moving moments and illuminate an exchange that’s in need of light. In a nutshell, we discuss: * how chronic pain caused by endometriosis affected her daily life * how she identified skills from several seemingly unrelated careers and channeled them into one passion project * how she avoided a major surgery by following a plant-based diet * how that plant-based diet was not all rainbows and roses at first, reality check * one of her most popular posts, On Never Wanting to Be Pregnant, and the judgment women experience when choosing anything other than a traditional family * the beautiful stream of consciousness she experienced when adopting her son (you will want to listen to this, even if you don’t want kids) I can’t wait to hear your experiences, stories and thoughts as it relates to this episode. I love receiving your emails, comments and @mentions, keep them coming! Jessica’s contact information is below too, give her a shout if you love her. SHOW NOTES: Jessica’s channels (say hi, tell her how you liked the episode!): website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, <a href="https://www.pinterest.



This week’s podcast brought so much joy. I chatted with Karyn Nesbit, who’s become somewhat of a Soul Cycle celebrity. Soul Cycle is my cardio of choice, I’d do it every day if I could. It’s not zen like everything else, but there is something to it that’s more than just the workout. It’s a therapy session, jam session and cardio session rolled into one. I’ve learned a lot on the bike, pushing through resistance and working to failure inevitably brings up emotions, blocks and thoughts, many of which have manifested on WELL / AWARE. Karyn’s classes sell out in seconds, because her teaching style is fearlessly authentic and notoriously challenging among the Soul tribe. Her beats are also incredible, check out the Spotify link in the show notes. I first took Karyn’s class because a friend of a friend told me she’d recently tried it on a whim and was hooked immediately… actually around this time last year. I can’t believe it’s been a full year of classes! Karyn’s story is all heart. And it’s fascinating: she went from a career in acting that was about what she looks like to a career in fitness that is all about what she feels like. She made a shift based on a gut feeling, and she made it work. It’s a great episode for anyone finding their passion, working through it, discovering limitations and boundaries and for anyone struggling to live in the moment (take a look at my last post on this if you haven’t already). Among other things in the episode, we discuss: – the limitations of our physical bodies – the utmost importance of living in the moment – making a career switch, listening to your gut – learning to love running – clean eating – how to maintain high energy – the ever-so-coveted work life balance How does she keep her energy and physique in tip top shape, you may ask. She gave us the secret sauces. In addition to teaching 13 Soul Cycle classes a week and eating clean – she tells us exactly what she eats in the episode – she works out off duty. Her being is based around feeling good, and Karyn said she doesn’t feel quite right if she doesn’t break a sweat every day. She prefers yoga (shout out to Alex!) and bodyweight exercises. 3 – 4 rounds of 5 different exercises, 15-20 repetitions each, including: burpees jump squats planks (with variations) push ups regular squats lunges bicycle crunches In the photos, we’re doing a series of barre exercises. Back in LA, Karyn taught at Pop Physique, which is coming to New York soon. I’ve never been a fan of barre classes, but sometimes it’s the classes we struggle through that teach us the most. Have a listen, please let me know what you think and thank you for coming along on this journey. for Thank you, Karyn, for sharing your story, your honesty and your heart. See you Saturday! Show Notes:


WELL / AWARE Show 008: Finding Inner Beauty With Ben Shen

When I first met Desiree, I was simultaneously anxious and excited — I was attending my very first moon gathering. She was wearing a loose black dress and a top knot, and had simple tattoos on her forearms, one looked like a delicate outline of a vine. She was quietly confident, she had “that je ne sais quoi” if you will, telling her story to the circle of women who’d gathered around to harness the energy and power of renewal from the blue moon. She spoke firmly with a full, round voice and an accent I couldn’t quite place as she told us about the transformative power of Kundalini yoga and meditation. We were sitting on the floor a beautiful yoga studio in downtown Manhattan, one with a couple of huge skylights that allowed the glow of the city (or the moon?) to unintrsuively shine through. We had an offering tray for crystals, candles and gold jewelry at the center of the circle — the energy from our chanting and pranayama is supposed to transfer to these material things, allowing them to empower us long after the evening is over. I learned a ton that night about the aura and suspected that I wasn’t doing enough to activate my own. I was fascinated by the the subtle ways our unconscious thoughts can shift how others perceive us and set an intention to further explore Kundalini. I patted myself on the back for expanding my horizons to try something new and seemingly very foreign topically. . After some “kunda” as the regs call it, I felt giddy — the feeling that everything is going to be OK escalated exponentially. It was a reassuring and uplifting energy I was surprised to find inside myself. These feelings are all in retrospect, though. In the first ten minutes of the episode, I reveal my true thoughts as it was happening, how I was feeling and what exactly we were doing. It’s pretty wild! Thank you Desiree for introducing me to this practice, and for sharing Ben Shen and your quest to expand inner beauty in all women. In this episode, we discuss: – healing skin issues with a plant-based, entirely natural approach and the difficulties that come with that – her first experience with Kundalini yoga – how to empower yourself from within GLOSSARY & SHOW NOTES Sky Ting Yoga Episode 1 – Alex Sharry Pranayama: Practice of breathing with intention. Kundalini Figures Yogi Bhajan Guru Singh Grandmaster Sung Baek Eckankar Types of Yoga Hatha Ashtanga Bikram Inspiring Kindred Kunda Spirits Amanda Bacon, Found of Moon Juice Taylor Eyewalker, Desiree’s coach Guru Jagat, Founder of Rama-TV in Los Angeles <a href="http://www.thelocalrose.


WELL / AWARE Show 007: The $800 Farm-to-Table Sweater with Tempest Bentley

Marissa Goodman Thieriot has invented, and if not invented, certainly modernized, the farm to table sweater with her company Tempest Bentley. From the wool used to create the sweaters, which is harvested from sheep who eat, sleep, drink and play the way they should, by workers who truly care about their trade, to the box and packaging the sweater arrives in and the tags it bears before that first wear. Every step of the way is well-researched,  I was intrigued by this purist approach — as we all know mine is conscious but not nearly this pure as it’s not entirely sustainable — and wanted to find out what drove her to direct this beautiful symphony of mindful manufacturing. The sweaters themselves are absolutely stunning, featuring well stitched, thick cables that are vintage in style but modern in cut and material. Marissa has a particularly unique perspective on conscious living, as her husband’s family owns a sustainable ranch in California. She’s been able to learn a lot very quickly and shares that knowledge with us. But she also shares the irony and dynamism many of us experience: we wouldn’t be where we are without having worked with large, corporate brands, many of which are now the ones we’re boycotting. It’s a fascinating and dynamic discussion for anyone who’s interested in learning about the slow living movement. In this interview, we discuss: – why sustainable sweaters cost $800 (she literally breaks it down!), and why that’s not a terrible price to pay – our own pasts, how we’re actually reformed children of a material world and how that’s totally OK! – the problem with bargain shopping for the lowest common denominator – the significance of a farm-to-table sweater in our lives – the benefits of living minimally, and how to do it in a way that’s sustainable for you SHOW NOTES: Alden Wicker, Episode 3 from the WELL / AWARE Show archives How to Clean Sweaters over on Upperlyne (written by Marissa Goodman Theiriot, our guest in today’s show)


WELL / AWARE SHOW 006 | Allie Lehman on Introversion

I can’t tell you how I met Allie, but it happened on the Internet — which after today’s conversation comes as no surprise. I always had introverted tendencies as a kid. I favored books over parties (until about age 18, then I went a little wild…), observation over performance and yoga over field hockey. Don’t get me wrong, I love being social and really value my relationships. But I get far more out of a 1:1 situation than I do in a large group. I like having friends from different places and varying walks of life, not one “main” group. I also enjoy interacting with people through their life’s work or my own. When I’m not feeling social, staying at home on a Friday night somehow brings me more joy and fills me up in a way than dancing till the morning light does not. At least not in the present moment. I can say I tried that personality on for size in college, and I really, really tried to make it fit. I tried smoking for a while, being a punk, drinking far too much at a time and even dabbled in drugs. Nothing stuck. Not a thing! And to think at the time I wished it would because I wanted so badly to be a rebel, but even then, I found myself working part time at NYU’s two gyms. I always studied best alone and my favorite pastime was taking solitary walks in the village. Now whenever I drink it’s usually a glass of wine, maybe three if the time and place calls. I’m still down for spontaneity or a walk on the wild side, but I have to be feeling it. It took a long time to admit and accept this especially post-rebel stage, but I’m working on it :). The truth is I proactively seek quiet, reflection, routine and simplicity. Which is why I’ve been intrigued by Allie’s work on introversion. It was through her work that I started to realize what it means to be an introvert, that we Charge Up with alone time. This is an eye opening episode for anyone who feels a grating and constant stress or frustration with productivity, doesn’t feel fulfilled or is consistently agitated in relationships. You may have introverted tendencies that are not being honored, causing unnecessary friction. It’s also a great listen if you date, work with or are close to an introvert. In this conversation we discuss: the duality of introversion overcoming fatigue and feeling “overflow” with energy to give to others identification of and solutions for friction at work or personal life caused by introversion nature of introverted relationships SHOW NOTES: Charge Up Introverts – Allie’s e-book The Wonder Jam – Branding, design and photography company co-founded by Allie Be Up & Doing – Allie’s blog, which I read loyally! Death to the Stock Photo – A disruptive photography agency co-founded by Allie


WELL / AWARE SHOW 005 | Ally Bogard of The Path

This week, we’re chatting with yogi and meditation teacher, Ally Bogard. Ally is one of those gracious beings who shines from within when you see her in person. I met her through a class at The Path, a group meditation based in Manhattan. Side note, I’ve found group sits to be very helpful in deepening the practice. It’s great if you’re perpetually exhausted, prone to falling asleep while meditating — don’t laugh, I’m serious! — and overall, fellow practitioners (a fancy word for people who meditate) I’ve met there are just nice-to-the-core folks. Photos by Lydia Hudgens, edited by me Her teaching style was simultaneously so gentle and powerful, a juxtaposition that’s hard to get right. I was moved and inspired by her guidance, so I let her know after class and as it turns out, she’s one of the most experienced yogis and meditators I’ve ever encountered and thankfully for us, she takes heart in being of service. It’ll be helpful for anyone looking to manifest change, to break bad habits and to become their best selves. Ally has a deep understanding of both yoga and meditation, and lives by her own example. We went deep, and this conversation is really special. We talk about: Ally’s background and path to becoming a yoga and meditation teacher Her definition of meditation The meditation vs. success paradox Self-discipline Neurology and science behind meditation How meditation helps you become the person you want to be What a newbie practitioner can expect How to deal with self-sabotage and negativity The virtues of sitting silently vs. finding a meditative activity   SHOW NOTES allybogard.com – note this is under maintenance recovering from a spam attack. In the meantime, you can follow @allybogard on Instagram Gaiatri – Ally’s yoga teacher training school The Path – 40-minute regular group meditation sits in the New York area broken down into 4, 10-minut exercises founded by Dina Kaplan and Charlie Knowles Headspace – an app that facilitates meditation Self Observaion, Red Hawk – tiny but efficient book that helps you get control over beliefs and thought Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Joe Dispenza – the science and neurology behind meditation Meditation for the Love of It, Sally Kempton – a good explanation of meditation *Editor’s note, we’ll include photos of Ally and I in an upcoming post.


WELL / AWARE SHOW 004 | Adina Grigore of S.W. Basics

I’m so honored to have Adina Grigore on the show today — I fell in love with her minimalist, less-is-more approach to skin care immediately after reading the back story of her company, S.W. Basics. 2015 is a banner year for Adina and S-Dubs, with the release of her first book, Skin Cleanse, and a contract with Target(!), which is a huge deal because it’s more than just a contract, it’s a sign that big box companies are really starting to respond to market demand for products that are better for you, better for the environment, better for the people making them. S.W. Basics is a homegrown company with roots in Brooklyn as the name implies, that makes skincare products with organic, fair trade and locally sourced ingredients you’re more likely to find in your kitchen than a chemistry lab. Interestingly enough, Adina’s not an entrepreneur by trade but a former dancer who loved being on stage. That’s actually why she came to New York in the first place, to dance, but she quickly figured out that she didn’t want to pursue it full time. The disciplined practice and skill set she developed as a dancer helped shape the company — as you’ll hear in the podcast, S.W. Basics wasn’t an overnight success and she credits her success (she hesitates to even call it that!) to having the discipline to stick with it. Her story is so honest — and is a must-listen for anyone interested in starting their own thing or who’s into clean beauty. Adina’s wholesome approach is informed by her own complicated history with skin ailments. She suffered terrible rashes and itchy, patchy flaky skin for years. Instead of getting to the root of the issue, doctors would prescribe another cream, ointment or pill to dull her symptoms. After seeing them worsen over time, she decided one day she’d had enough. She completely abandoned her routine and used absolutely nothing, a bold move. This is the fascinating part — in just a few days, she noticed an improvement. From there, she discovered how to care for her own skin using wholesome ingredients in the kitchen and found through workshops she taught as a personal trainer that others were interested, too. S.W. Basics, much like WANT and a couple of my favorite food philosophies, Women, Food and Desire and Woman Code (please look past the pink, I promise there are valuable lessons in both), differentiates itself because it sets out to help us optimize not just skin, but lifestyle. Good skin is a by-product of a healthy lifestyle, it makes complete sense. They’re not selling a product based on our insecurities (minimalist pores! And yes, I actually bought this… no, it doesn’t work) or desired outcome (younger skin in 30 days!), but a product that’s made honestly, sustainably and with ingredients that won’t harm us. Not every product will be for you and that’s ok by Adina. Part of the reason each product has five ingredients or less is to f...


WELL / AWARE SHOW 003 | Alden Wicker of Ecocult

Ecocult is one of the best resources out there for urbanites and cool kids interested in living a more conscious life without sacrificing personal style or fun. I interviewed Alden Wicker, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief, in the latest episode of the WELL / AWARE SHOW, to get a peek inside what her life as an eco-conscious blogger and living, breathing freelance writer (side note: she is also kind of a celebrity in Brooklyn’s underground music scene) is like. Alden and I share similar values: we both want to live as sustainably and consciously as possible. We both have a hippie dippy background — hers certainly stronger than mine — and are looking to make conscious living modern, accessible and desirable for someone who isn’t willing to sacrifice style for substance. We get it! It’s hard, but we’re here to translate it for you. Alden’s sustainable apartment renovation – obsessed with her bikes-as-decor in the bedroom. This episode really touches on two topics, conscious consumption and how to make it as a freelance writer and blogger. It’ll be really helpful for anyone looking to start or grow their blog, and for those who are curious about conscious consumption, especially discerning style mavens who want an affirmation that it’s really not impossible or crunchy hippie dippy. This episodes isn’t as wellness-oriented as previous ones, but trust me, it’s layered with such excellent nuggets of advice and information that you’ll walk away having learned a little something about a conscious lifestyle. SHOW NOTES The Notepasser Citizen’s Mark Integral Yoga / West Village Ecocult Shopping Guide Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and the KonMari Method Well & Good / Lisa Elaine Held Coexist YES Magazine Ethical Writers Co. Under the Sound Reformation Zady Ethica Kaight Shop Amour Vert Tempest & Bentley


WELL / AWARE SHOW 002 | Katie Horwitch of WANT, Women Against Negative Talk

I am ecstatic to break the silence with some excellent news — UPGRADES. This week I’m so excited to share a podcast with my new equipment! So many of you enjoyed the last podcast, I decided to make a not-so-little investment in some super nerdy tech tools. I never thought I’d be the proud owner of a mixer, a windscreen, a boom arm or a shock absorber… but here I am. I’m thrilled to have the ability to deliver these podcasts more easily, with a better outcome for you, the listener. I think it was worth the wait, and I hope you agree. Thank you all for listening, as always, and please keep the feedback coming! I’d love for you to leave a review on iTunes, tweet me, leave a comment on this post or shoot me an email directly at wellawareco (at) gmail (dot) com. Hearing from you always makes my day. THIS WEEK’S EPISODE This week, I’m riffing with Katie Horwitch of WANT, which stands for Women Against Negative Talk. As it exists now, WANT is a web space that provides a toolbox for women dealing with self-doubt and consequently negative talk patterns of any kind, including body image, self image, overall confidence, career-related, intellect-related, literally anything and everything. Katie believes that self-criticism is a place holder for something bigger, and is often reflective of imbalance or uncertainty in our lives — how true and profound. In the show, we dive right into the fascinating dialogue we have with ourselves and how to authentically improve it so it serves you. This episode is would be quite helpful for anyone who has ever struggled with disordered eating / thinking, self-image or is looking for a way to boost overall confidence. After practicing what Katie preaches, I can say that I’ve noticed I feel better, look better, have gotten more confident in all areas of life (particularly at work) and am discovering a self-assuredness I didn’t realize I had in me. I’m finding that I’ve been “chasing” it from the outside instead of looking within, where it’s been all along. WANT as a movement, much like leaning in, it’s all about having a collective, candid conversation and truly owning our struggles, keeping it real and using them to inform how we interact one another and ourselves. both photos, thanks to Cortnee Loren Brown / Creative Start It’s worth mentioning that Katie is also an editor at The Chalkboard Magazine, one of my favorite wellness websites, and a spin instructor at Equinox. SHOW RESOURCES Women Against Negative Talk The Chalkboard Magazine, where Katie is the editor of the Fitness + Well-being section.


WELL / AWARE SHOW 001 | Alex Sharry of Y7 Yoga

It’s been a little quiet on WELL / AWARE lately — and for good reason. The podcast has finally launched! I’m very excited to introduce (and try) a new format, as it’s an excellent way to get a more intimate feel for the topics and individuals featured on the blog. At first, the podcast will run bi-weekly. Some months may have more episodes, depending on the theme for that month. If you love it, I’ll make more. Simple as that. If you want to skip right to the podcast – please scroll to the bottom of this post! THE PODCAST CONTENT The episodes will feature conversations with individuals who embody the WELL / AWARE ethos: living well, mindfully. They’ll harness one or both of our two pillars: creating energy within ourselves, our WELLNESS, or fostering the energy with which we approach the world, our AWARENESS. So far, episodes dive candidly into body image, entrepreneurialism, meditation, sustainability, conscious consumption, coffee culture, yoga, minimalism and more. Podcasts on WELL / AWARE will also have a visual component, because I personally have always craved more than a thumbnail image when I listen to an episode I love. hope these stories inspire you and provide a venue through which you can explore the dialogue with yourself, both mind and body, and the world around you. I do ask that you bear with me while I experiment with audio. I’m still new to the editing process, and nailing down a regular recording practice. For that reason, some of the first few episodes may differ in sound slightly, and for that I apologize in advance. I’m learning as I go, so it may take a few shots before I really start to get it right. I plan to keep the format open and dynamic anyway, so you never hear the same episode twice. I’m totally open to your feedback, by the way. Please email me with any thoughts at wellawareco (at) gmail (dot) com. THIS WEEK’S EPISODE The first episode is a very special one. I sat down with yogi Alex Sharry of Y7 to talk about her journey to yoga, what it was like once she got there. I was drawn to her initially as a student at Y7…  hearing her guidance for yoga both on the mat and off deeply resonated, so it made sense that her approach to yoga and to life is a fantastic example of living WELL / AWARE. We get real about body image, perfectionism, the emotional body, self doubt and how to embrace change. This is a great episode for anyone who’s interested or practicing yoga or meditation, who has thought of quitting her job for greener pastures or who is looking to make a major life change. SHOW RESOURCES Y7 Yoga Studio (who announced the opening of their Flatiron location this week!) Katonah Yoga <a href="http://www.thepath.

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WELL / AWARE Show 035: What...


You ever really stop and think about that? Just do it with me for a sec, see what comes to mind. You might envision a list of personality traits, achievements, a mental resume, your book deal, the day you came ...