Western Canada with foraged local fauna and 14,000 years of occupation.

04.26.2017 - By Cooking with Archaeologists: Food, fieldwork, and stories.

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Alisha Gauvreau chats with us about her exciting excavation of a 14,000-year-old habitation site from a remote island in British Columbia, Canada. You heard that correctly-14,000 years ago! She is a Ph.D. student at the University of Victoria and a scholar at the Hakai Institute. The site is located on the Triquet Island several hundred kilometers north of Victoria. Alisha talks about working in a remote location and about the results they have so far from the excavation. They are currently doing the laboratory work so more results are sure to follow!  Alisha shares with us about the locally foraged mollusks (chiton) and seaweed that they used to make an outstanding meal in the bush! You made do when you are in the field! For all of you adventure seekers have a listen to Alisha's story. It's a great sneak peek into the life of an archaeologist!

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