WGL48: Matt Ruedlinger, Matt is Founder and Triple R, with Shawn Sudershan Chhabra

05.02.2016 - By Winning the Game of Life Podcast Interviewing Entrepreneurs, Wantrepreneurs, Intrapreneurials, Intrepreneurial & Startups

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As Founder and CEO of the marketing firm Triple R Marketing,Matt has been described as “highly creative with an unparalleledunderstanding of service”. With over 20 years’ experience inMarketing and Sales, Matt has helped small-local businesses andbrand-name Fortune 500 companies alike become leaders in theirindustry. He has worked alongside world-renowned author and salesexpert Jeffrey Gitomer, and has helped businesses promote theirproducts at high-profile events such as the Sport Emmy Awards. In this Episode, you will discover that Matt and Shawn, both arefan of a wonderful coach and person, and she is,  Jaime(Tardy) Masters (Best Selling Author and Coach at The EventualMillionaire)   Matt’s vision of Triple R Marketing is key to his core beliefand operating principles, driving him to create distinguishedcustomer experiences, “Customer experiences are not planned basedon data, they happen when you empower the right people who lovewhat they do, and I love what I do.” As a leader in the industry, Matt has been asked to speak atwide range of organizations including, but not limited to, HamiltonCo Sports Summit, International Association of Venue Managers,Indiana State Fair Association, and the Sports Indiana EducationSession on topics of search engine optimization, social media, andcustomer experiences. Customer experience is integral to his work. He believessatisfied customer are not a level of success, as beingsatisfied is the bare minimum we will accept in today’s socialworld. With this customer-centric business philosophy, businessacumen and commitment to rapid, reliable results he and his staffhave retained over 96% of his customers. He is also a successful serial entrepreneur. For years,Ruedlinger had given his clients Joan’s Caramels on their birthdaysand was met with tremendous positive response. Clients loved thepersonal touch of receiving caramels and Ruedlinger was able toform many friendships through his sincere gesture. The homemadecaramels quickly became a key part of Ruedlinger’s business. Whenhe got word that the store was closing, the entrepreneur in himkicked in. He knew he had to reach an agreement with Fischer tokeep the caramels available for everyone. In January of 2016,Ruedlinger took over as the new owner of Joan’s Caramels. Havingthe ability to brand products to put the caramels in, has added anadditional layer to set Triple R Marketing apart from theircompetition. He also developed an app called Fanvious that allowsfood and merchandise to be delivered to your seat while at asporting event or concert. With the success of the app he has beenfeatured on the weekly television program Inside Indiana and alsospoke at the IAVM 2015 Arena Management Conference on the ‘NewTechnology for Improved Fan Engagement.’ When Matt is not at the office or traveling for work, hecontinues to wear or buy anything to do with Superman. He is adevoted marketing nerd that enjoys running, superhero movies andvacation with his family.   https://triplermarketing.com/   http://wgl.fm/   http://mediaauthorityshawnchhabra.com/   http://www.authoritycollege.com/   http://press.authoritycollege.com/   http://shawnchhabra.com/ http://www.mediaauthorityshawnchhabra.com/   https://laptopuniverse.com/ http://itparts.com/    

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