What the Fangirl #3 - Drinks at the Dal

03.05.2015 - By What the Fangirl

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What the Fangirl # 3 – Interview with the Ladies from Drinks at the Dal
What's to love about Lost Girl? We tell you, courtesy of Stephanie and Chris, two of the hosts of the podcast Drinks at the Dal.
Our topics include how podcastating a show changes the way we engage with the shows we podcast, shippers in the Lost Girl fandom, favorite episodes, and hopes and dreams for the series finale.
Time Stamps
05:40 How approach to show changed or if it did.
14:45 Lost Girl season 5 spoilers!
15:30 Warehouse 13, end of series spoilers!
16:25 Speculating about the end of Lost Girl
18:20 How Bo's character has shifted from the beginning of the series, i.e. redemption-oriented to evolving as a person.
22:00 What's going on with Once Upon a Time?
24:00 Xena and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
25:10 Gateway episodes for Lost Girl.
28:00 Favorite episodes of Lost Girl.
29:22 Future of Drinks at the Dal.
31:30 Other TV shows! Agent Carter, The Good Wife, Empire, Sleepy Hollow, Glee, How to Get Away With Murder, Bob's Burgers, Brooklyn 99, Parks & Recreation and more!
Show Notes:
Thanks to Stephanie, Chris and Annie. Check out their shows at 
www.drinksatthedal.com and www.tatianaiseveryone.com

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