Ep. 364: What Would Dan Infalt Do?

08.06.2020 - By Wired To Hunt Podcast

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Today on the show I'm joined by renowned whitetail bowhunter and founder of The Hunting Beast Dan Infalt to explore how he'd tackle a series of tough hypothetical deer hunting scenarios from the swamps of public land to private land farm ground.
Topics discussed:

What would Dan do if he glassed up a world class buck in mid-August while driving back roads

How Dan would attempt to keep tabs on a giant buck without other people noticing

How would Dan hunt a property different if there were 10 other hunters on it VS just him

How Dan would go about locating a specific target buck

How Dan identifies farm land buck beds from the maps

How to access a property without bedded bucks spotting you

What Dan would do if he inherited a piece of private land

What Dan would do if he was busted by a buck while setting up a stand

How Dan sneaks in and sets up on deer

Dealing with swirling winds

Dealing with long tough spells in the woods

What Dan does when he fills a tag early

His top stand and date for a sure-fire buck kill

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