Episode 7 - "What's it like having a small, oddly well-mannered personal army?"

02.24.2017 - By Around the Watch

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- 00:00:00 Introductions

- 00:01:45 CaptainPlanet's microphone arm falls off his desk

- 00:02:15 How did Flame get to where he is today?

- 00:04:30 Was there a specifc video that made you think you were on to something?

- 00:08:45 What's the endgame for Flame?

- 00:10:15 The trap of only casting play-by-play vs. macro concepts in Overwatch

- 00:12:00 TviQ annoyed with articles misreprenting players

- 00:14:00 Can the Overwatch scene at large become a better educated audience?

- 00:15:30 The diffculty of "dumbing down" to teach a less educated audience

- 00:16:30 "Dying Smartly" in Overwatch

- 00:19:00 Can an increase in Mercy play help less experienced Overwatch players understand using ultimates efficiently, and "dying smartly"

- 00:21:15 Can't we just make a flowchart to explain how to play Overwatch?

- 00:24:10 How important is in-game leading to climbing the Ranked Ladder

- 00:29:00 The state of shot-calling in Pro NA Overwatch

- 00:30:30 Would Flame coach a team?

- 00:34:00 Carbon Series, thoughts on the casting setup

- 00:38:15 First matches of Carbon - can we take NA results seriously?

- 00:41:50 Explaining NA Scrim culture -- and offering solutions

- 00:47:30 If the Overwatch League was announced tomorrow, would NA scrim culture change?

- 00:53:45 Overwatch Monthly Melee, who looks the strongest?

- 01:02:00 The rise of Selfless -- why have they done so well lately?

- 01:06:00 Discussing the mysterious 24th Overwatch Hero

- 01:14:00 What's it like having a community based around you?

- 01:21:00 Flame Discord Parties -- alternative commentary to tournaments


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