When I Grow Up: Changing Careers & Finding a Job You Love | Ep 42

10.27.2015 - By Inspiring Mama | A Happiness Podcast For Moms & Dads

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Still trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up? Many parents find that they feel frustrated by their jobs after they have kids. Maybe you want a more flexible work week, fewer hours, less stress, or just want to change careers entirely. But where do you start?
In this inspiring conversation, mompreneur RB Fast will tell us her story of transitioning out of a busy career into her own profitable business while balancing motherhood. Learn how to open yourself to the dream of a different career and find the courage to ask yourself honestly: What would I love to do?
Get jazzed to try new things, meet new people, and open yourself up to the dream job you didn't know you'd love.  Understand the danger of excuse-based thinking and start moving through fears blocks and transitioning while still keeping your day job. Learn how to create a support system with your family and friends.
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