Where Do You See Yourself in a month? A Year? Two Years? Preparing for a New Paradigm.

04.21.2020 - By Adventures in Truth Podcast

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In this episode Dr Jeff and Jim discuss the reality of our new paradigm. Where do you see yourself in a month? A year? Two years? Within the construct of the pandemic we are experiencing there is enormous change on levels most of us have never experienced before. These changes create an existential crisis because the changes we are confronting, and about to confront, catapult us to the threshold of completely new ways of engaging, creating, living, thriving and dieing.

We are confronted with multiple realities existing at the time! What to do I choose? Which was do I go? We suggest whatever way you align with. But even more importantly we encourage you to see the opportunity of our time... to allow yourself to completely surrender to YOUR transformation. It is time to evaluate all aspects of your life as it is and has been. It is time to assess how much of your life has been built on Love. Do all areas of your life uplift you? Do they raise your energy? Do they fill you with Joy? Wonder? Power? Upliftment? Satisfaction? If not are you ready to create your life now so it does? We will also walk through how to build your meditation and daily practice in order to create a solid foundation for your new creation.

You have an extraordinary opportunity before you. Nothing less than pure creation and transformation. Ready to dive in?

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