Ep. 083, Where Panic Attacks Come From and How to Stop Them

04.17.2017 - By Mental Health Today

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Where Panic Attacks Come From and How to Stop Them If you have ever had a panic attack you know how scary it can be. In this episode, John talks about where panic attacks come from and what you can do right now, to stop them. People often misidentify a panic attack for a heat attack. Although the two can have similar symptoms, they are much different. Note: If you believe you are having a heart attack don't ignore it and get help immediately.  Common symptoms of a panic attack: Heart races Hot flashes Sweaty palms and forehead Irrational thoughts Dizziness John provides helpful tips about what you can do right now to be proactive before your next panic attack. Panic attacks can come out of nowhere and it's best to know what to do when it hits. Thanks for listening! Please consider supporting the show. Help John help others by supporting this show at www.patreon.com/johnpcordray   Other resources: Follow John on Twitter Visit www.thementalhealthtodayshow.com Facebook Page

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