Which Medicine to Bring with You as a Digital Nomad - #027

08.24.2021 - By Nomad Tactics Podcast

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In this episode B and Jack talks about medications for digital nomads. First, they talk about if you should bring medication or not as a digital nomad. Then, they discuss where to put your medication on a flight and under what circumstance should you use it. Following that, they present a number of precautions and observations to do with medication while traveling. Finally, they finish the episode with an extensive list of the medications they carry with them in their day-to-day digital nomad life.

Time stamps:
1. Medications within the context of the Digital Nomad Life System
2. Why should you bring medications with you as a digital nomad
3. Where to carry your medications
4. How to use your medications
5. General precautions and observations about using your medications
6. List of useful medications to being as a digital nomad

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