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On October 18, 2021, I held the fourth annual Women’s Global Happiness Day, a not-for-profit worldwide initiative to eradicate the women’s depression epidemic. We had women from over a dozen countries register for this event, and from their feedback it was truly inspirational and life changing. I want to share what I did that day with all of you, my listeners, who might not have been on the call. And so, in today’s episode, I’m talking about: Some of the exercises that we did Why women are twice as depressed as men and what we need to do about it Where and how you can find your joy The power of “I Choose” What it means to be Unleashed The three aspects of being a fulfilled, wise, wild woman I want you know that you are worthy of happiness, that you are deserving of your purpose, that you have power within you that the world needs, and that’s why I’m doing this episode! I’m giving you some of the tools that I’ve used when I’ve gone through some terrible times myself, and that I use with my clients, because I want YOU to thrive! To learn more about Goddess Unleashed, and to sign up, please go to: Thanks for listening, love! Let’s change the world. Go to Apple Podcasts or wherever yo listen, and leave a 5-star review and subscribe so you never miss an episode!

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