Yellowstone Apocalypse, John is Pissed Off, Sci-Fi Government Policy, How to Be Unfuckwithable, JFK Jr. Faked His Own Death? |121|

10.10.2018 - By Magical Mystery Radio: Conspiracy & Paranormal Review

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Remember Krypton? Now that we're grown-ups we can kinda see how the powers-that-be on Superman's homeworld might turn a blind eye to an impending apocalypse. Case in point: The Yellowstone National Park SUPER-VOLCANO. Which is due to erupt, and which could very well mean the end of humanity. John goes on a political rant. So what else is new? But really, he's pissed - at everyone. Listen and see if you're on the list. It's the 35th anniversary of the film WARGAMES. Did you know Ronald Reagan was a huge science fiction fan? That WARGAMES scared the bejeezus out of him? That his sci-fi fandom was the basis for numerous historic government policies? All true. The first brain-to-brain "social network" has been created! Sort of! John shares an inspiring piece on how to live "an unfuckwithable life." Sounds like a lost Frank Capra movie... Oh hey, didn't Capra direct LOST HORIZON? Well, that gets a shout-out this week, too. And finally, did JFK Jr. fake his own death? Only to emerge as a secret Trump supporter posting as QAnon? Umm... no and NO! Come on, people. Stop giving WaPo snark bait.   

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