Yoky Matsuoka Read By Merritt Moore

04.06.2021 - By Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

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When Yoky Matsuoka was growing up in Tokyo, Japan, in the 1980s, she dreamed of becoming a world-famous tennis player. But when repeated injuries dashed her hopes, she found her way to a new dream: to create a robot who could play tennis with her. Yoky’s curiosity about the world, her limitless appetite for knowledge, and her ability to draw together different fields of study would one day lead her to become a pioneering force in the emerging field of neurobotics—and to create the most human-like robotic hand the world has ever seen.
About the Narrator
Physicist and ballet dancer Dr. Merritt Moore believes that the arts and sciences should not be mutually exclusive, and she inspires young women around the world to pursue their dreams. She graduated with Magna Cum Laude Honors in Physics from Harvard and graduated with a PhD in Atomic and Laser Physics from the University of Oxford. She also pursues a professional ballet career, previously with the Zurich Ballet, Boston Ballet, English National Ballet, and Norwegian National Ballet. Currently she works on creating dances with robots and was recently invited as one of the first artist-in-residence at Harvard ArtLab to create a duet between a human dancer and an industrial robotic arm.

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